Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Quiz Beta Barn

This dude shares a last name with 19 other Major League Baseball players, managers, and umpires, but is the only one of them to be in the league in the last 50 years. He was the third player in history to accomplish a certain feat. The first dude to do it died in a town whose Native Americans used to bathe in what canyon?

Bonus clues: I've seen conflicting reports, one saying the first dude was the third, and another saying he was the fourth, to accomplish the mystery feat. Also, the question is valid through the 2004 season.

Do you combine four different questions in your head, all with the same answer, and then twist them together as you type? You have a gift Jere, but the name of it escapes me. PW

*meaning "No."
Santa Ana River Canyon
This guy is good.

The name is Quinn. The Quinn who played in the last 50 years was Mark Quinn, who became the 3rd, or 4th, depending on who you believe, player in history to hit 2 HR in his first game. The first person to do this was Bob Nieman, who died in Corona, California. That city's natives, later named the Luiseno Indians by whitey, bathed in the hot waters of the Temescal Canyon, according to the "Circle City"'s website. But I only asked what canyon they bathed in, and the Santa Ana River canyon also runs through Corona, so you can't really prove that they didn't bathe there, too. In fact, it might be the same thing. But, close enough. Good job, Ryan. Now what letter comes after Beta in the Greek alphabet?
THAT'S a question I can answer. It's Gamma.
Thanks. You can go ahead and give me the whole alphabet, too. Do it all at once or just remind me after each quiz ends. This leaves me with two options for witty titles for the next quiz: Quiz Vasco de Gamma, or Quiz Gamma Ray. I'll try to go off the board, but it might end up being one of those two.

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