Saturday, November 05, 2005

Quiz Alpha Bits

A Red Sox player once hit a home run in an at bat that was not only the last one of the game and the season, but was his final one as a Red Sox, and of his career. That year, he wore the same number as another Sox player whose last name appears in a Twilight Zone episode, which originally aired on a day when the first player hit a sacrifice bunt in his only plate appearance of the game in a game-winning, ninth-inning rally. This bunt was fielded by what Hall of Fame pitcher?

Jim Bunning
That's right. Don Gile hit a walk-off homer in the last game of the 1962 season. It was the last at bat of his four-year career, played entirely with the Red Sox. He wore number 38 that season, which Jim Willoughby wore from 1975 to 1977. Willoughby's name appeared in the title of the Twilight Zone episode "A Stop at Willoughby," which was awesome, and first aired on May 6th, 1960. On that day, Gile replaced catcher Haywood Sullivan, yes, that Haywood Sullivan, in the field, and bunted to future Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Bunning in his only plate appearance.

Good work, (Ryan), and thanks for letting me do the explanation. You've got a one-point lead on the rest of the field.

Also, nice blog. Is that the Woodstock Fair on there? I don't know where else in CT that could be.
It IS the woodstock fair. I actually forgot the name, which is why it doesn't say what fair it is. It was a pretty frightening experience.
Yes, I grew up in the OPPOSITE corner of Connecticut. A few years ago, I heard Weird Al was playing at the "Woodstock Fair." When I found out it was in CT, and since I'd never seen Weird Al, I figured, When else am I gonna see this bizzarro section of my state? So I went. I can assure you, that's not representative of the state of Connecticut.
I didn't know you were from CT. too. Wow. Other than that, a quiet weekend it has been.
Yeah, the whole theme of this blog until this past May was me having lived in Fairfield County all my life without ever having been allowed to see NESN, since that's the only county in New England considered outside NESN's area.

All right, one of the themes.

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