Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Planetary Turd

Al Nipper is the Red Sox bullpen coach. Could Rich Gedman be far behind? Nipper did plenty of pitching to Geddy in the 80s. He knows of the masterful game-calling that only Rich could provide a hurler. Since Nipper actually has the job that Rich would be most suited for, they'd have to hire him as...bullpen liason? Pat recently suggested slotting Geddy into the GM role, as you may have heard there's a vacancy there. Whatever the position, give Gedman a chance. Many people are swearing off the '06 season. Get Geddy back, get the fans back. Nipper is a start, but Gedman is the final piece.

The last time I saw Nipper live was when Pat & I saw a Royals-White Sox game in Chicago in 2001. I think. He was the Royals' pitching coach at the time. Above he's shown sporting the flat-brim, crooked-hat style so popular with the kids today. Also note the BO/STON style road jersey. This former uniform controversy was talked about/solved on this blog a while back.

Here's a site that the wacky Nipper would probably enjoy.

Our beloved team is STILL being avoided by potential GM suiters like the plague combined with a deadly STD. Put it up to a vote by the fans; Theo or LL, winner take all. In my world that would be a reality, with the voting continuing until midnight Monday. We know who the winner would be, but alas, my world is in my mind. I know some of you readers would enjoy it there.The problem is I will have to keep on providing access through my thoughts translated into words that I will deposit here and the other FEW selected spots that you, the readers, know so well that they can remain nameless in this post. A great weekend to all, and thanks for being Jere, Jere. P 10 W-all lovable old me.
I can understand people not wanting to take over for someone who was so loved as Theo was. I just think all this stuff we're hearing about trust and everything isn't anything that wouldn't be found on any team, or in any business. It just doesn't make sense to me how these guys could come in, turn the entire franchise around, win us a World Series and then suddenly be bumbling idiots who have no idea how to run a baseball team. That's why I think most of this--all still attributed to unnamed sources--is overblown. I wish Theo was here but he left. The team will be okay.

I just don't like that so much of being a baseball fan has to do with talking about a bunch of guys in business suits. That's why just playing Wiffle Ball with your friends is still better than MLB and it's suits and money.
Oh, and you're welcome for being Jere. Thanks for being our nation's good Dubya.
"Also note the BO/STON style road jersey. This former uniform controversy was talked about/solved on this blog a while back."

Jere, I never saw the original post; why did the old 80's road shirts have the lettering laid out as BO/STON rather than BOS/TON? Inquiring minds want to know.

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