Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pick A Chan By The Toe

We're sitting there in the living room, and all of a sudden, out of Chan's laptop comes that song "I Know This Much is True."

After about ten seconds, he still hasn't turned it off, so I ask, "What are you doing?"

He says, "It's this radio station for cats and dogs."

Moving on, I watched the most recent episode of Curb, and there was an "Eeny Meeny" scene. It was hilarious, as was the rest of the episode, so I'm not complaining. But surely Larry knows that we remember the "Inka Dink" scene from "The Statue" episode of Seinfeld from season 2. I was even waiting for Cheryl to say "Larry, this is like that Seinfeld episode." My crazy theory is that Larry grew up with "EM," and originally wanted to use it on that Seinfeld, but was overridden by an "ID" person. And now he's basically done the same scene, using "EM," out of spite.

I, for one, had never heard of "Inka Dink" until that Seinfeld episode. And the "Eeny Meeny" I grew up with differs from the Larry David version. His ends with "And out goes Y-O-U." Mine ends with "My mother said to pick the very best one and you are it." You'll notice that mine leaves no doubt as to whether "it" is good or bad, like Larry's does. But that's where the humor lies, since in both the Seinfeld and the Curb, the joke is in arguing over whether "it" is good or bad.

About baseball: I miss being seven years old. I miss just knowing about the what the players looked like, whether they were good or not or had a cool name, and maybe a couple of facts from the back of their baseball card. And if owners and general managers even existed, they just did their work and I didn't know anything about it. Chan keeps telling me I'm wasting my time worrying about baseball all the time, asking "Don't you need a break?" "I'd love one," I say. But, like the passengers on Kramer's bus, baseball keeps "ringin' the bell!"

"I am Batman."

I don't miss the gum that came with the cards. And regarding CURB, there have been more than one direct Seinfeld series of events this young year for the show. I love it. Now if we can just make it to the last 21 NEW episodes of THE SOPRANOS (March '06). They are breaking up those episodes into 2 "seasons" , 13 and 8 shows each.
I am not Robin.
Oh, that hard, crackly, tasteless gum. You ever buy an old pack from, like, '85, and eat the gum? Don't.

Yeah, lots of Seinfeld references. This one was almost identical, though.

Never watched Sopranos.

BSM was also Robin once, I hear. (You know the Batman line was just the next line in the Seinfeld scene, right? I don't really think I'm a superhero. Who am I, Nick Smith?)

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