Monday, November 21, 2005

New Guise

I don't know why the intro at Mike Lowell's website cracks me up so much. Maybe it's the cheesy tune that's just catchy enough for you to want to play it again and again to see just how many times your roommate can hear it before he loses his mind. But, more likely, it's the way the ball bounces into Mike's glove. You've gotta see this.

I found that because I was doing a little research on the two newest Red Sox, if the physicals go as planned. (And if the Boston Globe isn't just making shit up. But that would never happen.) I noticed that Lowell is a humble dude who survived cancer without giving Jesus unnecessary credit (in the articles I've read, at least), is from the world's most beautiful island, Puerto Rico (granted, I've only been to a few islands--Trinidad/Tobago could kick it's ass for all I know, but for now, I'm keeping PR atop my list), turned down the yanks to stay in school, does a lot for kids with cancer, and is a family-type. While Beckett is a deer-shootin' Texan. But on the field at Fenway, they will both be rooted for by me. Weird how that works.

Of course, Lowell could end up being trade bait, or the whole deal could fall through. But this is what the off-season is for. That and continuously hyping your own little movies, such as the one with the rogue kids whackin' stuff.

Lowell's website intro really illustrates his Gold Glove-caliber fielding. Unfortunately, he was absolutely terrible with the bat last year, and he makes tons of cash for the next two years. Hopefully the Wall will help him out.
Beckett on the other hand, is Gold. The best part about this deal is we didn't have to give up our key young pitchers Hansen, Papelbon or Jon Lester.

Rich Gedman for GM!!
that music sounds like that of a title screen on a NES game....

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