Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's Just "Keyrock" And Yes...

Sign held by a homeless guy on 42nd St: "Parents Killed By Ninjas/ Need Money For Kung Fu Lessons/ Revenge Is Sweet!"

The reason I was down there was because my mom came into town to go to this poster auction viewing thing. Which was very cool. While we were there, the one other guy in the place sees us (Ma in her kerchief, and I in my dirty Sox cap) and says, "Ahh, my two passions, posters and the Red Sox." New York, New York, it's a hell of an outpost of Red Sox Nation.

It was cool to be in midtown tonight. It had that holiday feel, but without the cold.

Also, there are now officially two people in the world who don't completely blame Larry for Theo's leaving. Surprise, surprise, the other one is related to me. My mom also has decided to take Theo at his word. I still don't know why he'd go out of way to call a press conference just to lie to our faces.

Tony Massarotti: "deep in our hearts, we all know the truth. Epstein did not trust Lucchino"

Bob Ryan: "Theo lost a power struggle with Lucchino. We can draw no other conclusion."

Boy, do I hate being spoken for. How much more plainly could Theo have said the exact opposite of these things? It's just weird that people are seeking out all these secret messages in Theo's words, but are ignoring the blatantly obvious ones.

Believe me, if it comes out that Lucchino caused Theo to leave, not because some writer says so because they feel like it (and tells me that I feel the same way), but if some actual proof comes out, I'll say "terrible job, Larry." And my main emotion about this whole thing, just so you know, is my sadness over Theo being gone. The last thing I want is for people to think I'm somehow anti-Theo since I'm not blaming Larry.

And again, if you've done the research, and have a different opinion than mine, I completely respect it. If you're going by someone else saying the new "Let's Go Red Sox" ("Fuck you, Larry"), well, as a caveman once said, "Next time maybe do a little research."

I told myself I was all Theo'd out, as far as writing about the colossal upper management blunder (CUMB), but I think what you just wrote is so true. Anger at CUMB had given way to, "I'm gonna miss that guy." You guys have a great weekend.PW
NYC is one Incredible Red Sox Outpost.

Lucchino may as well make Tim McCarver, GM.
Red Sox Nation and Red States , USA have a similar, head up ass perpective of the consequences of shameless payroll / income disparity. To claim a prize rarely available to 20 of the thirty teams in MLB as if it were earned, rather than bought is evidence of a profound lack of scope on the influence of money in all matters. The great series with the Yankees is not enough to justify the uttter corruption of the principle of a level paying field. That we are 140 years into professional baseball and payroll disparities of almost 10 to 1 exist in the same goddamn division is a skid on the shorts of yahoo's evrywhere.

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