Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Do You Mean German?"

Chan and I both got our confirmation emails for the Colbert Report audience tickets we requested. He got December 12th, I got January 9th. Listen for us those nights, clapping in the audience. I usually use the clap where you hit your palm with the fingers of your other hand. But sometimes I feel like that makes me stand out to much, as it's very high-pitched and loud. In those cases, I'll go with the cupping-palms style clap, which is lower and more anonymous. But on December 12th, I'll go all out, so you'll know it's me. The sound of the hands clapping right next to mine will be those of Chan.

Tonight, I made a life-changing decision: I will attempt to acquire every Rich Gedman baseball card ever made. Actually, that's a lie. I don't care about the cards where Rich is in an Astros or Cardinals uniform. I've already got all the Topps cards from when I was a kid. Now it's time to complete my collection with all the Fleer and Donruss cards I missed out on, along with Geddys from more obscure sets. I wonder if Rich ever had a Drake's Cakes card. If he did, I will get it.

There's also a lot of Gedman autographs out there. As well as, right now, on eBay, one of his bats, and one of his game-used jerseys. Unfortunately, it's from his Astros days, it doesn't say his name on the back, it costs a fortune, and the number on it is 2, not Gedman's classic 10. So eff that. But any cards that were made with him on it, where he's got a Sox jersey on, I will one day obtain.

GedmanQuest '06 has begun.

One whistle and we'll hear you..I'll set my DVR. But will they let you? Or a cough that sounds like Sox. Or a sneeze...a-choo-sox.
Jere, I use an Apple. Reb told me you do too. I'm having trouble making it easier for the reader to go to a link by using a designated word that the reader can click on to go to a site or a pic or whatever. I cannot figure out how to do it because the stuffneeded-a globe with a link around it near the bold and italics tabs do NOT show up on the screen I use to write my posts. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Your buddy Peter.
I don't know if it's an Apple thing as much as a browser thing, that they don't give you--us-- that easy link thing. But maybe it is. Anyway, here's the way you do it:

Let's say you want to link to Chan dot com and you want the sentence to say, "Check out this great article by Chan," with the word "Chan" as your link.

You do this:

Check out this great article by[right Pac-Man]a href=""[left Pac-Man]Chan.[right Pac-Man]/a[left Pac-Man]

Of course, in place of the right and left Pac-Men, you'd be using "<" and ">". Without brackets around them.
I will try. Amy thought also it would be even easier to just change from Safari to Mozilla. She is going to talk me thru that soon. And if all else is beyond me, my nephew Alex gets home from Babson within 2 weeks for vacation. It's easier if someone is next to you and doing the right thing. Wow, thinking like that I'd rather it be Amy sitting next to me, but that's just me talking. Thanks again and hey to Chan. I mean that.
And Amy is really nice to help. Even a near-hopeless case like me. Think Foulkie last year..that's hopeless.
Peter O., per your request, I said hi to Chan from "a dude who comments on my blog."

His response: "Oh god."

I'll now ask him if he's got any further thoughts. Hold...

"Um...(rubs chin)" "Oh Somebody's god. Oh his god. I don't know, what to you want me to... I don't know. No comment." (whistles along to Letterman closing theme.) (Readies remote to change over to Conan.) (Does so.) (Clicks info button to see if it's a rerun.) (Whistles along to Conan opening theme.)

That's as far as I'm going with this. Aren't you glad you said hi to Chan?
Tell him I am infinitly wiser in so many ways.
I told him you said that, and he gave a little laugh. I won't ask him for a response, because I can tell he doesn't want to play this game anymore.

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