Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cause For Alarm

In case word hasn't reached your town yet, Peter, aka Peter*, aka P-10, aka the artist formerly known as "W" has started a blog. Check it out: Peter O'Nall.

I think I figured out why my Millar butt-grabbing video got so many views. I found out that it was linked a blog about spanking.

Speaking of my movies... E-mails, phone calls, and telegrams have been pouring in asking for the story behind the rogue kids. It's quite simple, really. One day, while I was living at my old apartment in Danbury, some kids showed up in the back parking lot. I think they were the offspring of a plumber or some other type of worker, who was there for the day, and had no babysitter. The person must have said, "Okay, kids, daddy's gonna be in here for a few hours. Stay outside and just run amok, making sure to concentrate on finding pieces of wood and repeatedly whacking everything in sight with them. Also, see that chain there? That's so no one will park their car down by the garbage. Don't forget to take that chain down, and swing it around haphazardly. And Billy, make sure you include your sister in the whacking activities. Michael, you just hang low during the whacking, then appear out of nowhere with a pair of boxing gloves on and do a little dance. And I better not see anyone supervising you in any way. Got that, everybody? See you tonight."

So, naturally, I started videotaping out the window. Not just for the comedic value, but in case anyone's windshield got smashed, I'd have the culprit on tape.

And then the main kid, whose shirt said "Alarm King," picked his nose. And ate it. Then he started throwing things at my building. Then they were all gone, never to be seen again.

Until now, in this three-and-a-half-minute extravaganza. The background music is the Fantomas' take on the theme from Rosemary's Baby.

[Edit, 11/30/05: Also note that at the end, you can hear the voice of Paul O'Neill coming from my TV. Terrible job, Paul, for sneaking into my movie.]


Thank you for the mention, Jere. Your film was good too. I think there is some talent lurking just below the surface, unseen but strongly hinted at. Just kidding. And we do have to give thanks for the riches the Sox reaped unto themselves, sort of like a self gratification, or more like throwing away the tube socks with the holes in them. In our case, the holes were there. Some still are. Oh well, breakfast time. How 'bout a turkey omlet. I DON'T THINK SO. Be good.
Oh yeah, I do have to tell you and your readers how my Friday night ended up with me attached by the arm (and other places) to a beautiful female (no discrepency on this front) on camera person of a central Connecticut station. But I'll hold on to that one for now. Can't put it in my blog because too many people I know that I don't want to find out would read about it, and I figure I'm fairly safe here. Fairly.
THAT KID IS CRAZY. The face he make while picking his nose is priceless...

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