Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The yankee Issue

Read BS Memorial's comments about the way the yanks are portrayed in the media.

Here's part of it:

"Or when Jeter has a single in the 9th inning of game 5- scoring no runs, producing nothing- and we hear, 'and Jeter with ANOTHER clutch postseason hit... this should surprise no one.' Well, it should surprise no one who enjoys being informed about what actually happens that Derek Jeter actually made the final losing out in a higher percentage of his team's losses than any other player."

Of the many things I wanted to talk about after experiencing the yankees' elimination and subsequent media coverage, this was something I forgot about.

I heard this on so many sports reports on the radio as I was in my car all day the day after they lost. I'm guessing they kept bringing up Jeter's hits just to show up A-Rod and all the other "untrue yankees" who totally choked again. But still, I've never heard of a guy who got so much credit for doing absolutely nothing. But if Bellhorn had gotten three hits in that game, I don't think we'd be hearing "The yanks lost as A-Rod didn't drive in any runs....Mark Bellhorn had three meaningless seeing-eye singles in the loss."

Did you notice in the background of the Fox baseball studios the picture of Jeter--not hitting a ball or making a play, but doing the fist pump?

Here's how far this has gone: A few weeks ago, I was in Boston, watching the Red Sox on NESN and the yanks on an ESPN regional game. I saw a yankee run-scoring play, and was only a little surprised to see ESPN do the famous "show Jeter clapping in the dugout" shot. You know this is my all-time pet peeve. And I'm not talking about an inning where Jeter had an earlier hit or sacrifice and ended up in the dugout. I'm talking about an inning where Jeter never batted, never did anything of note in the game before that, and had no connection to what happened in the inning. But the producer was probably screaming, "Get me the Jeter reaction shot!" A few minutes later, watching NESN again, they showed the Yes version of the same play I'd just saw. And within that highlight, broadcast by an entirely different network, I saw, that's right, the Jeter clapping shot.

There's something so wrong about that. Two different networks just happened to think, We'd really like to show our viewers what this certain player did after he saw what a bunch of other players did that he had nothing to do with.

BSM, it is hard to nail down this topic, because it's scope is too massive. You always do a good job in your efforts, though. I still don't know if people outside the NY area can truly appreciate what we deal with. I wonder just how much the media coverage dictates our level of hatred for that team. One thing we can say for sure is that there just isn't enough time in the world to discuss all this horseshit.

We created a drinking game out of it. A red sox fan, my Yankee (intentionally capitlized because he's a true fan) Fan Roommate, and myself. It's the quickest way to alcohol poisoning you'll ever find. I know of other people that have made up drinking games about it too. There is the Derek Jeter Fist Pump (different number of drinks depending on location/involvement in play), the parent's corollary (again differing drinks depending on just showing them, commenting on them, interviewing them, etc), and it goes on.

Derek Jeter's parents are the only Major League parents that I could actively stalk and recognize on the streets because they are constantly shown.

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