Tuesday, October 18, 2005


As Albert Pujols stepped to the plate, I realized that I'd rather see a home run than see the Astros clinch. I had been rooting for them; all of them but Clemens, that is. I just wanted to root for the underdog, as well as against the Cards because of all of their whiny fans who hate my team for no good reason. (Come on, CardNilly, you know I kid.)

But then I thought, why the fuck am clapping along with the Bushes? (Who, if you didn't see the game, were right behind home plate all night--this is Bar and George H.W.) (They were also there if you did see the game.)

And why root against excitement in a series that, ultimately, I don't care about.

Well, I got the excitement. The series goes on.

I definitely feel bad for Astros fans. I know what "one strike away" feels like.

But, still, I'm happy to see Clemens and the Bushes get just a little of what they deserve. And, wait, what am I saying? Astros fans are still Texans, aren't they? Screw 'em. Unless they live in Austin. Which is cool. So I've heard. All right, it's cool to SAY that Austin is cool. I know that.

Anyway, I can find the good in whatever team ends up winning. It's fun to watch exciting baseball when your team isn't involved. Here's to "who cares?"

I am so with you. Baseball can be so enjoyable when you aren't suppressing stomach ulcer pain.

That Pujols homer was a real kick in the pants for the Astros. If it had come at the same time during the deciding game, then Andy and Roger would have been able to have the Aaron Boone Experience. Hey, that could be a band name. All the band members could take the stage looking like they've just had their asses kicked.
Dood -- Jere: We've got Reb's support. What more could we need?

What's really going to drive you nuts is when I start pulling for the Astros in the exact way you expected all the Cards fans to pull for the Red Sox if we happen to lose this thing. Good team, classy organization, well-played games, etc. Oh, well...

Fun moment last night, though, huh?

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