Thursday, October 20, 2005


White Sox and Astros in the World Series. First time there's been two teams I've never seen in there before since the Tigers-Padres matchup of '84. (I was born between the '74 and '75 Series if you want to look it up. Or figure out your own--it's fun and exciting!)

If the Astros win, it will mean that the three teams that got screwed in '86 will have all won a championship in a four-year stretch. If the White Sox win, it will mean that two teams ended 86-plus year droughts in consecutive years. And a tie would be the first ever in World Series history. So we got that goin' for us.

My prediction: Whistros in 8. (could change before Saturday)

Meanwhile, the Cards are in danger of becoming the new yankees, who are the new Braves. Cardinal fans, look, it was a blessing in disguise you lost the NLCS. Obviously some of you have problems with being ignored and passed over, and it would've happened again had you been playing another "cursed" team. Maybe next year you could win it all against the Royals and get all the attention.

I think there would be far too much sympathy for the royals, at least if they bounced back so quickly from this year. The Cards really need to play a team that everyone hates or has no reason to have sympathy for at all, but I can only think of one team like that...
Good point, Card girl.

I'm just blowin' smoke about all this Cardinal talk anyway.
From Mid-September, into October, The Cardinals were as cold as dry ice. Their finish doesn't surprise me @ all in the least.

Brad Lidge is the Re-incarnation of Calvin Schiraldi(Yikes).

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