Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The playoffs are here. The leaves, the excitement, the rapid pace of the heart, the tyring to write like Ed Cossette.

"Tis the color of autumn, and the breadth of an old wagon-gate, whoseth windy words splinter like the promise of all things new and old, under an azure...what the hell am I saying, the Red Sox are in the effin playoffs, that's all you need to know! Do it again, Sox!" -- Me

I'll save the thee's and thus's for the off-season.

Just saw a shot of Guillen shaking hands with all the Red Sox players warming up. Remember that stretch when he was Ozzie "Gee-ZHEN"?

And I've been watching the Cards whipping up on the San Diego Silver Surfers, in the National League, or un-baseball, playoffs. Just isn't the same. I hate the country of Nationa and it's crazy style of play.

I guess my yankees-flushing-down-toilet thing didn't work. They didn't get eliminated, and they "won" the division. So I'll use the last few scenes of the flushing for each of their losses in the playoffs.

I'm antsy. 43 minutes til Game One. And no chips and salsa for me. The last two years of the playoffs I remember eating chips and salsa for dinner on game nights. Don't have the urge now. Don't know why I told you that.


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