Tuesday, October 11, 2005

V: The Final Battle

Hey yankee-haters age thirteen and under! Welcome to the five-timers club! You've now, for the first time in your young lives, seen the yankees NOT win the World Series for five consecutive years.

And while I'm on that topic, I'd like to recap those last five, if for no other reason than to make me feel really happy.

2001: The most underrated choke of all time. yanks have World Series in grasp with Mr. Greatest-of-All-Time on mound. Still lose. (But are deemed true American winners due to earlier terrorist attacks in several cities that had nothing do do with baseball.) (?)

2002: The first-round exit. Still with a chance to continue their bought dynasty, yanks go quietly without even reaching ALCS.

2003: The turned tables. yanks become what they despise, putting all their energy into beating Red Sox, forget about ulimate goal, and fail against a baseball team that plays in Miami.

2004: I'm still laughing about that one.

And now, 2005: Revenge gone horribly awry. yanks "win" AL East, but forget to play for home-field advantage, putting last night's decisive Game Five in Anaheim. (They saved Mussina for that?)

After what we went through from 1996-2000, this is just wonderful. Five in a row.

Note: For anyone who says "Bla bla bla, your own team, bla bla bla, doens't make you better, bla bla bla, class, bla bla bla, 26...", well, just know that I care less about what you think than I do about what's on the Style Channel right now.

I was away from computers this weekend, but will have more stuff for you about baseball and stuff later on.

"Note: For anyone who says "Bla bla bla, your own team, bla bla bla, doens't make you better, bla bla bla, class, bla bla bla, 26...", "

People like this clearly don't live in the city of their team's rival. If I had had to come into work today to face the taunts of the Yankees fans around here someone would have had to bail me out of jail after I'd been busted for assualt.
I am with you all the way I would have gone to jail too. I hope that the Yanks pick up CF for Red Sox Damon. That would be a grat move or even Manny. My email is Batman32085@yahoo.com tell me what you think.
I guess you were way too busy gloating over the Yankees 5 game loss to the Angels, to be sad over the Red sox return to the chokers that they are in 3 straight. Oh and before you recount the "glory" of your dream season in 04. Realize you have 85 more years of disappointment until 2090. Let's call it the curse of the "fake" bloody sock from a year ago. And to speak of "buying" anything is a joke with all the money the sox have paid out. Sox fans are jealous because the money spent on that team yeilded little in results. So yes its been 5 years, but I can do 5 years standing on my head, good luck standing on yours for 85.
Note: Anonymous is a Gutless, 1998-Minted Yankee "Fan."
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
First of all, last night was gold, the ringless Mussina and Arod comin' through in the clutch again.
Second, funny that the anonymous brain surgeon above mentions the "85 years til the Sox win again" thing. I watched this latest yankee choke-fest in a bar full of yankee fans last night, and one of them brought up the "85 years" gag. I said "I'll bet you $100 that the Sox will win before 2090." He eagerly agreed -- "You're on!" -- but it took him 15 minutes to figure out that we'd both be dead by the time it came for me to pay him, should his prediciton turn out right. "Bet's off!" he says. Seconds later, Sheffield and whoever that other guy is collided in the outfield. Another SOLID GOLD performance from the choking-est team in pro sports history. Guess that extra $70 million bought exactly two more wins than the Sox this year, and the same ALDS exit. Money well spent (ha!)
"A-$25.2M-Fraud"; 'Nuff Ced!
Jason, you can now take the syringe out of your butt-IT's OVER.
& FiNY, I'd be honoured to bail You out.
You see, it takes a major Yankee F up to bring this blog back to life as we know it. Thanks Jere.
Actually, I was just away for the weekend. But the timing worked out nicely.
The fake bloody sock stuff still slays me.

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