Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TV Party

I'd heard about the video game based on the move The Warriors, probably from Bullshit Memorial, but it didn't, uh, hit home until I saw the commercial for it. It was quite a shock to be looking down at my laptop and suddenly hear "Warriorrrrrs..." coming from the TV. Looks like they just took scenes from the film and cartoonified them. I can't believe Joe and Jane Americaston will now know the line "Can you dig it?" Hopefully some people will go rent the movie.

Have you been watching The Colbert Report? (with two silent T's) If you like Daily Show humor, you should be all set. And speaking of that, Bill O'Reilly was on there tonight. And he got booed. Awesome.

The current season of Curb Your Enthusiasm has been pretty damn good. And Larry's done a bunch of double points. Could this be connected to his being spotted at Fenway this season?

I commited the terrible job of not having seen The Office until just recently. And the new show, Extras, by the dude who did The Office, Ricky Gervais, is awesome as well. This is, like, my new favorite dude. Again, terrible job by me for not knowing this until now. The bonus is that Gervais will be in the new Christopher Guest movie. I'm already prepared for that to be the greatest film ever created.

The Office is a GREAT show, but do to tt low ratings it's existence is on an egg shell. Curb has been great so far, with the opening episode(the sandwich naming)far and away the funniest ever! Good taste in tubeness Jere. W
I wrote this to Baseball Savior, a Yanks blog. This guy commented to you a few posts ago, and I retaliated.Here is my Torre post..............
Torre stays, and he does it with class! The best manager in baseball continues his run with the worst upper level management communicationed team in baseball. WHAT A GUY! Seriously, Sox fans love Joe as a person and would prostitute themselves to get him for our leader. But it is not to be. Enjoy him while you can for these next few years. There is NO replacement. ( Do you agree Jere?)
I just started watching the Daily Show and I just realized what I've been missing. Can't believe I missed Bob O'Reilly being booed last night.

So what's this Colbert Report? What station is it on and what's it about?

Curb Your Enthusiasm has totally rocked this year. Another thing that rocks is the City of Champions Best of Boston Sports DVD. I've been reading some of the comments on your blogger and it seems that this video is pretty popular with sports fans. I was definitely impressed with the scenes.
W-- Thanks. Was actually talking about the British Office.

While sitting awake in bed very early this morning, because of the guy who lives upstairs playing his shitty keyboard all night, I heard this take on Torre on Imus:

After the way Steinbrenner treated Joe's good friends Zimmer and Mel, Torre just takes the cash. "He's an ol' ho."

Yes, they were kind of being facetious, but still, it is hard for me to defend anyone's decision to "stick with Steinbrenner."

That man deserves (a little) better, and he could get it, but for reasons of money and fame, continues to put up with the Boss., terrible job, Joe.

But, for a yankee, I don't want to strangle him the way I do with, well, almost all the rest of 'em.
Mike-- No ads, please. Don't make me pull this thing over.
That's a good one Peter. You RETALIATED??!! Oh no. Oh dear.

Plus, what you commented on didn't even make sense. I put most of the blame on Cashman. I liked Torre even before he was a Yankee (yes, most people don't remember he was actually a manager before taking the reins of the finest franchise in sports).

For someone so well read, you don't make a lot of sense. Thanks for stopping by the site though.

Maybe since I have so many Red Sox fans stopping by the site, I'll do a Red Sox World Series Retrospective. Shouldn't be a big deal, because it'll only take me about five me about five minutes to write.
I hit send before I did my proof, so go ahead and have your fun.
Wow, this guy really knows how to take a compliment to his manager.

I always thought that the fact that Torre managed other yeams before the yanks was the type of thing everyone knew.
Unrelated, but Happy Oct. 19th Red Sox fans! Just one year ago today, the Red Sox won not one, but TWO games against the incredible choking New York yankees (who haven't won a championship this millennium, despite what their "fans" would have you think), en route to the greatest comeback in the history of professional team sports!! And great to see Bellhorn out of the lame pinstripes (yes, that's the same Mark Bellhorn who has more rings than Arod, Mussina, Giambi, Matsui, etc., in case you were wondering).

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