Sunday, October 16, 2005

Top 20 Sports Movies

Coming in at number somethingty-something, it's Tiger Town. Made in 1983, Tiger Town was about some kid who clasps his hands together, and it makes the Tigers win. Chief Brody stars as the old dude trying for one last...well, you know, it's a sports movie. As cheesy as it is unwatchably watchable, Tiger Town hits a home run.

Note: This isn't actually a list of my top 20 sports movies, just an excuse to talk about this lost classic.

This movie was totally awesome. It goes to show that if you wish REALLY HARD, shitty actors can hit like Papi himself. The little kid is now a cast member on the popular TV show "Lost", if anyone watches that
check that, it was the shitty 2004 movie "Lost" - I misread the kid's bio.
Tiger Town still rules
He was also Molly Ringwald's little brother in Sixteen Candles

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