Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tim The Terrible

Buck: The last six extra-inning World Series games have been won by the home team.

McCarver: Probably the most famous home run to win a World Series game for the home team would be Bill Mazeroski in 1960. (pause) Joe Carter in 1993...

Terrible job, Tim. You totally changed the category. And even if those you mentioned were in extra-innings, they wouldn't be as famous, as cool, or as important to televised baseball as we know it as:

Another gem from Tim tonight: "The definition of a drop and drive pitcher? They drop and drive."

I am so glad I was watching with the sound off.
'One Thing about fly balls; they go out of the infield', is another example of why Tim The Dim Bulb, MUST Retire.

I think that it's time for FOX, to carry an announcerless game.

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