Friday, October 07, 2005

Terrible Job

Terrible job.

Bases loaded, no outs. Down one. You tie the game there, or you don't deserve to go on to the next round.

Also, I lost my ESPN feed while the Sox were batting at one point. There was a man on, no outs. Next thing I know, I can't see anything, I'm scrambling for the radio, the feed comes back on for a second, enough for me to see "Two Outs," which meant double play, and then thirty seconds later, I see Guillen being interviwed to start the next inning.

It was like the effin' Heidi game. That really pissed me off. It's bad enough that the game was on ESPN 2, but could we at least see the entire game? And imagine if you didn't have cable, and you're a baseball fan, and you never got to see the series with the world champs and the team with the best record in the A.L.?

Terrible job.

Terrible job, everyone.


But I'm right on this Angels cause. 3-0 in the first off that shit Randy.
We better hope the Angels win this series, because if the White Sox end up playing the yanks, we're going to see them turn magically into a T-ball team. From a country that doesn't have baseball.

We lost to a team with a vastly better pitching staff. Even if we extended them to 5 games, it was not to be. Get busy Theo.
Good to see Aaron Small turn into a pumpkin. Bye-bye Yankees!
Red Sox fan in Ranger where near as hostile as NYC but I have a sister there who can vouch.

What a way to end the season...but to be fair, the White Sox have a better team and I'll be pulling for them the rest of the way.

As a former boss of mine said...every team but 1 will end the playoffs with a loss. It can't hurt any more than '03.
Painful-NOT Clutch-OUCH!

The Defending World Champs & The Club, w/the AL's best record, ONLY warrant ESPN & ESPN2?

Meanwhile, The Halos & the 5 Year Also-Roids, warrant a trip to Jeter Ga-Ga Land on FOX?

Tim? We know that you're close to 65. GET RID OF DF Hair Dye. Thanks & SHUT UP.
I also was questioning, EARLY, about Clement, as a signing, not really drinking the Epstein Kool-Aid.
Too many big injuries to big players (and betting on injury-prone dudes like Mantei, Miller, etc.) combined with the bed-shitting of key 04 guys like Bellhorn & Embree screwed them in 05. I had a really bad feeling about them when they couldn't put away the Blue Jays that last week of the regular season, and at least go into the last yankee series tied for 1st. Downhill from there. I think the team is gonna look mega-different next year. All in all, a really enjoyable season to watch til mid-Sept., when it became fairly excruciating. At least they didn't commit the biggest choke job in the history of team sports...
& There was "The $212M Heist", by a team, which DID NOT BELONG IN POSTSEASON, being led by "A-$25.2M-Fraud", with Sheff & Crosby, playing "Alphonse & Gaston", as BALCO Boy, looked so much-thinner.

"This End of Season", is Brought To You By "The Exit Company."

"THahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!"

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