Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So Easy

From my comments:

"I guees when your a miserable red sux fan you'll cling to any bit of foolishness. Happy 86 more years loser!!!"

Okay, you've (you have) got the "you'll" contraction down. Good job. It's (it is) the "your/you're" that you're (you are) still having trouble with. I find that thinking before and during the writing process helps. Just think "Am I trying to say 'your' or 'you are'?"

We all make mistakes. I make them all the time. But your (not "you are") mistake clearly shows that you are (not "your") having difficulty understanding this particular rule.

As long as we're making predictions, I'm (I am) going to predict that you and most other yankee (spelled with a lower-case on purpose) fans never figure this out.

I almost get the feeling that yankee fans think that they "predicted" the 86-year drought, got it right, and are now predicting another one. Can it be possible that these people really think that we hear that and hang our heads and cry because we think it's true that the Red Sox won't win for 86 years? (Also, I like how one of my commenters, referring to the yanks going five years without winning, said, "I can do five years standing on my head," or something like that. As if WE'RE the ones who don't have experience in going years without winning.)

Look, yankee fans, when you made fun of us for "1918," you were stating fact. That's something you had over us. Although it didn't help you last year and is now obsolete. So, if you want to make fun of us now, you might want to avoid looking like complete morons by thinking that we'll somehow be put in our place when told that YOU THINK our team won't win for another 86 years, escpecially in a day and age when only a select few teams have a chance to win, and our team is one of them. Please try to come up with something that has some validity. Also, and I know this really isn't that important to you, but work on the grammar and spelling. It would just class this whole place up a little.

Thank you.

Wait until their 5 year drought turns into a 10 year one.
seriously. things are not looking good for the yanks, on the brink of a managerial mass exodus. we haven't seen the "flavor of the month" management style in the bronx in awhile... this should be fun.

i am so glad you finally spelled out the contractions for your yankee fan readers. not sure it will do any good, seeing as so many of them still seem to consider "1918" a valid taunt... at least you tried. i can understand how things written in all lowercase (like i'm doing here) might annoy some people, but these sort of things are about style. i've read a lot of comments here by yankee fans this past year, and many of them have included the intended term "you're". i think i even saw it done correctly once. is it possible that this is some sort of ebonic term which we who write in normal english ought to immediately translate the meaning of and consider a "cultural difference"? I had no idea that the MFY culture was so strong as to create such a variation in our written language.
FOX 5 local news interviewed these people in a bar after it was over, these Yankee fans, and I swear I heard at least two of them say, "It's just that we're so used to them winning year after year... it makes it harder."

They really do exist in an alternate reality where 2001 never happened, we're still in the thick of their 4-in-5 years Dynasty, and they didn't swallow a giant load of failure last year. It's so odd.

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