Sunday, October 16, 2005

Silicone Parts Are Made For Toys

I was rooting for the Angels, but I gotta hand it to those Caucasian Sox. I guess I just have to face the fact that Contreras is good now. But I'm stubborn enough to still think they won't get it done in the World Series. Who knows, I may end up rooting for them. But I just feel the same way about the Chi-Lock-Soxes as Becky's friend felt about the "rap guy's girlfriend" during the intro of Sir MixaLot's classic "Baby Got Back": They're just so...blah.

Absolute terrible job by the Angels' pitcher for not just throwing the ball to first. McCarver said it was because he thought the runner would be in the way. McCarver was wrong. He had an angle. He even had time to stop, move slightly left, and then throw, to better that angle. I think he tried to make a tag because he thought the runner wasn't as far up the line as he was. One Little League-style tag with an empty glove later, and the Angels were done.

About Piniella in the booth: Come on. As my mom would say, Fox, Ask yourself "Why?" It's almost like they got a bunch of letters saying, "I know McCarver is trying really hard to explain the game to me. But I'm really dumb. Can you bring in someone who can simplify this crap even more? Someone who can state the obvious to those of us who don't pick up on it even after two announcers have clarified it. Thanks." Also, Lou yells into the mic in a highly annoying way. I'm glad I'm only paying half-attention to these games.

I saw the last inning of the NL game. Was it me, or did Fox do a terrible job on the play where the Astros dude went to third when no one covered in the ninth? We saw the catcher make the tag at the plate, then walk back out toward the infield, as if he was holding the other runners, and then, presumably, calling for time. At the end of the replay that followed, the announcer said that the runner was "breaking for third." I think this was a fake call. Like, he saw the runner on third, and pretended like action he'd missed was now taking place. Because they never gave a good replay that showed when he broke for third compared to when the catcher had the ball, looking out at the runners with no urgency.

That was followed by one of the best 4-6-3's you'll ever see to end the game. And if the 'stros win one more, we'll see the man who turned it, Adam Everett, vs. another Everett who the Red Sox traded away, Carl Everett. Who was obtained by the Red Sox through a trade--for Adam Everett. It would also be the battle of dudes who were all part of the yanks' starting rotation: Duque and Contreras vs. Rocket and Pettitte.

The good thing about the Honky Socks winning is that we can say to yanks fans that the team that beat us beat the team that beat them. But I'm sure they'll somehow find a way to show that that means they're better. Screw 'em.

Jere, the Angels SUCK. Mentally and physically. What Contraras had to go through with his family stuck in Cuba(?) while he was taunted and jeered in New Jerk makes me root for him and his team all the more. Now go Houston and we'll see some REAL pitching in the Series. Monday Monday...time to go. W
Yeah, I guess the better any of the ex-yankees do, the closer George gets to full-on head-explosion. (I'm still not rooting for Roger, though. Ever.)

Still, I usually root against Cuban defectors, because they abandoned their families, no matter how people try to spin it.
I loathe the White Sox, but consider this (slightly entertaining) advantage to their winning it all- a year after Boston wins, the White Sox win, and we can watch every single Cub fan in New York's head explode and swallow itself in self-pity.

Kinda funny if you think about it.
The good thing about the Honky Socks winning is that we can say to yanks fans that the team that beat us beat the team that beat them. But I'm sure they'll somehow find a way to show that that means they're better.

I already tried that one but ran into the retort that at least the yanks went five games. Let's face it: both teams sucked this year.

I hope St Louis can pull it out, because there's no way I can root for Houston. But it looks like I'll have to root for Chicago in the end.
I like the world we live in when New York yankee fans are PROUD to say "At least we took the series to the limit--when losing in the first round of the playoffs."
I'm a total fan of the Astros (a little of that is biased as my boyfriend plays for them) *ahemclemensahem*

But honestly...Lance Berkman...he's freakin awesome!!!

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