Sunday, October 02, 2005

Season The Second

Sox win to tie the yanks exactly, and go to a one-game play--oh, wait, thanks to baseball's inconsistent rules, the yanks just get the division. But, that was our secret plan. Make the yanks miss Chicago, who always lays down to them, and have to go out to the west coast. That's right, Anaheim has home field in that series. I brought that up the other day, but no one on any radio seemed to notice that possibility. On EEI yesterday, I even heard some hosts saying how they thought the home field advantage had already been determined. TJ-Rod.

Also, I wanted Cleveland to win yesterday, so we'd have the chance to win the division. But Red Sox Nation was told to root for Chicago, allowing the yanks to clinch on our field.

But, now that I think about it, we're better off like this. Still, baseball's just not the same with this Wild Card. You shouldn't have the yanks celebrating, then us celebrating, on consecutive days. And the Indians getting swept made our entire end-of-seaon series just about meaningless.

I hope the standings on the Monster have the Sox on top of the yanks during the playoffs.

Johhny was just wearing an Astros hat during the celebration. I'm glad I'm in NESN territory to see this.

My pics from Saturday will be up tomorrow-ish.

That was a "Johnny Damon moment." I noticed it before it was brought to his attention, and I was laughing. Speaking of laughing, the Yanks have to travel all the way to Disneyland West to be the victims of an Angel massacre. Now THAT'S good television. They'll be a little like the people on the island in LOST. Can't wait. And by the way, Friday, a 4pm start. That is so excellent. The game, and then a Springsteen concert, all in 8 hours!
that's right, I forgot about the Springsteen concert, peter*; Bruce has proved to be good mojo for the sox, at least with your help.

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