Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Quiz Update/You Really Got Me

Okay, to recap, the question was:

What two players played in a 20-strike out game, played on an All-Star team with a player who's now a major league manager, and played in a World Series in which one team won its third in a row?

Andrew has given us: "Bill Buckner (played in Clemens' 1986 20 K game, was on the 1974 Los Angeles Dodgers, who lost the series to the Oakland A's, their third straight, was 1981 All-Star teammates with both Phil Garner and Dusty Baker)." That's correct, even though the manager I saw was Willie Randolph, but that was before I changed the question to say that the guy played on the same All-Star TEAM, instead of played in the same All-Star GAME with. So I'm glad Andrew found two managers in that game, or my question would have been all messed up. Hey, it's really only Quiz Pre-Season, since the playoffs are still going on, so I get time to work out the factual kinks.

He also gave us Roger Clemens. Also correct, I totally didn't have that one.

There is (at least) one more. The clue is that his three events are all different from Buckner's three.

Update: Nick "Dumberer" Smith got it. Jose Canseco played in Clemens' second 20 K game, had 1 AB in the yanks' 2000 Timo Perez-aided WS victory, and played on the 1990 A.L. All-Star team with Ozzie Guillen.

Jose Canseco

And it should bother you that a Yankees fan got the answer right. It shouldn't surprise you though.
The similarities don't end there. Jose Canseco let a ball bounce off his head for a homerun, and Bill Buckner let one go between his legs for one of the biggest choke jobs ever. People will now be accusing Buckie for using roids just by association.

Maybe next time, instead of stooping to your "regular" readers level, you'll ask something challenging for the rest of us.
Save the drama for your mama.
Speechless but laughing. This is just too much fun!
Bucker's play may have been "one of the biggest choke jobs ever," but it wasn't "THE biggest choke job ever!!!!" (04) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! That one will NEVER get old (or go away)...
Also, by way of information, catcher Steve Yeager played his rookie season with the 1974 Dodgers (who lost to the threepeating Oakland A's) and his final season with the 1986 Seattle Mariners, who were 20K'd by Clemens. He never played in an all-star game, though.
Derek Bell also fits two of the criteria, but like Yeager, he never played in an All Star Game.

Peter - I checked out your profile and you have a nice selection of authors. Did you read/enjoy Dance of Death? I'm a couple of books behind in the Dirk Pitt series though.
Andrew, I saw the Yeager thing, too. I couldn't believe he never was an All-Star. Then I looked at his stats and realized that, just like I always used to as a little kid, I was confusing him with Steve Garvey.

Also, Nick, why so testy? I know it's hard when it's been five times as long since your team has won the World Series than mine has, but come on, at least you got one-third of the answers to a quiz on a Red Sox blog, making the rest of its readers take their own lives after signing a paper saying "Nick is so much smarter than me even though he still thinks the Indians allowed the Sox to make the 2005 playoff but had nothing to do with the yanks getting in." Lighten up, buddy!
Note: The reason this question came up is because I was thinking of how Buckner was the left-fielder who climbed the wall on Hank Aaron's 715th homer. And how he was a part of two very famous plays. So I started thinking about other famous plays or games or events he was a part of.

So I got that goin' for me.
The only reason I got one third, and not three thirds, of the answer is because I stopped by after the two others had piped in. I obviously got the tougher of the three, since none of your other readers could figure it out.

And what do you have against George Bush?

And what don't I have against George Bush?
He's a solid conservative. He's not without his faults, but the country could have done way worse.
Oh no, here we go...
Probably my biggest complaint with Bush, and probably why he was so appealing to others and is a two term President, is he's a little too liberal for my taste.
My god, a Yankee fan and a Republican. What are the odds.
And so are the residents of my own personal hell.
//I expect big things from A-Rod in this game, like RBIs. He's going to be the man of the hour//

this is a quote from Nick Smith's site regarding the skanks' last game in 2005. what a smart dude; maybe he's right about Bush, too.
Giving Smiths everywhere a bad name, that Nick Smith.
I'm hardly a Republican.

You folks are hilarious. This is an awesome blog.

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