Monday, October 17, 2005

Quiz Season Begins

What two players played in a 20-strike out game, played on an All-Star team with a player who's now a major league manager, and played in a World Series in which one team won its third in a row?

Roger Clemens (2 20 K games, was on the 2000 Yankees who won their third WS in a row, was on three All-Star teams with Ozzie Guillen) and Bill Buckner (played in Clemens' 1986 20 K game, was on the 1974 Los Angeles Dodgers, who lost the series to the Oakland A's, their third straight, was 1981 All-Star teammates with both Phil Garner and Dusty Baker).
Roger Clemens and Wade Boggs in the 1988 all star game with Alan Trammell. Both won three-straight series with the MFYs.

Bobby Cox also managed the 1996 All Star Game where Clemens and Boggs played, but you specified he had to be a player at the time.
Nevermind, Boggs wasn't still with the MFYs at the time.
Nor is Trammell, unfortunately, a major league manager anymore.

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