Monday, October 24, 2005

Pre-Season Quiz 4

In the game Combat for the Atari 2600, what happens to indicate that time is running out, (Note: it's the same for any variation, i.e. whether you're playing invisible tank vs. invisible tank or three little planes vs. one big plane or whatever.) AND what happens to your tank or plane when it gets hit by a bullet?

Man, I played the shit out of this game, but it's been forever.

I want to say the sound is an explosion and that your vehicle spins around, but I'm not certain.
Half credit for essentially getting the second half correct. There's still a half-credit out there, folks. Could end up being critical when it comes to deciding the pre-season champ.
Doesn't everything start blinking.

Man, it's probably been like 25 years. What's funny is, my Atari 2600 still lives (gave it to a relative, and they still have it, no idea if it works).

I gave all my games to Pat when I got Nintendo. Don't know if he still has them.
I'm too lazy to fire up MAME to find out.
Off-topic, but did you hear that the Series' ratings have plummeted to where they have never been before. I actually posted that this would happen, even with a (sort of) compelling story line behind the Series. The casual/non-baseball fans are not watching. They tuned into ABC on Sunday. Last year--no way. The networks, when they saw the jugernaught possibilities, changed their primetime line-ups to reruns, unlike most shows this year. HUGE DIFFERENCE, and it's all cuz of our SOX.
Your vehicle starts blinking.
It involves blinking. Keep trying.

About the ratings. Major League Baseball isn't all that fun for an average person unless you've got the yanks to root against or a team that really captures something inside you. The Red Sox of last year gave everyone the anti-yankeeness they craved, then had that whole "Will they finally win?" thing, all while sporting one of the few truly fun teams in sports history. You had to watch if you had the slightest interest in baseball.

I don't think the casual fan knows that the White Sox haven't won since 1917, in the way they might have known of the Red (or "correct"-colored) Sox or Cubs' droughts. No one ever made a movie that even mentioned the White Sox' drought. And if a casual fan hears about it now, well, they may think they weren't really a major league team back then. Or something. That combined with the fact that they're no fun, and that the yanks are long dead, makes no one care. And then you've got the Astros, who may have never won, but to people my parents' age, are just another expansion team.
Bingo, Jere.
Time to move on. I think I got it right, you're just being too picky.
Your score starts blinking.

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