Friday, October 21, 2005

Pre-Season Quiz 2

Mike Greenwell was the only Red Sox player since 1960 to do what three years in a row ('89-'91)? (He was possibly the only Sox to ever do it three years in a row, but retrosheet doesn't have boxscores before that.)

Prerequisites for getting this answer: Lots of research, and possibly being named Andrew.

Also, where is Dannydeej, last year's quiz champ? Has anyone seen him?

Win The AL Batting Title.
Well, from looking at retrosheet, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with any of the following:

hitting streaks
hitting for the cycle
getting 5 or more rbi's in a game
3 or more hr's in a game (he never hit more than 2)

Other than that, I've got nothing. Someone with too much time on their hands can look at the game by game logs for something arcane. I will say, looking at Gator's #'s, that he struck out less than I remember. Still was a disappointment after a big year in '88
Another clue is that what he did can only be done by one player per team per year.
Well, I was gonna say leading the team in GIDP, but surprisingly it wasn't that. Besides, I would think both Rice and Yaz did that for 3 straight seasons at various times.

Have to think about this one some more.
Some double-plays are involved, but the answer would be the same even if they weren't. So that probably doesn't help you. Sorry.
Led in game-ending outs?
Very close! (Although he may have done that, too.)
How about led in inning ending outs? W
Keep thinking "ending."
Led in stranding guys on base?
Game winning hits?
No and no. I was wondering when someone would say Game-winning RBI, because I think he was the all-time leader in that, before they stopped keeping track.

Anyway, the answer is definitetly negative, but not in a way where if he'd done something positive, it would've mattered to the point where anyone would care.
Talk about a riddle...your last post is tougher than the original one.
Game/inning-ending rundowns or caught-stealings?
You're getting really close. It's even more specific.
Made last out of the season?
Correct! Will post about this after I pick up my Indian food.

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