Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Let Them Play

Mike & the Mad Dog were talking about the "Astros Curse" today. Apparently, yesterday was the 45th anniversary of Houston getting a franchise, which was called the Colt .45s until they moved to the Astrodome. And last night, the Colts put up 45 against St. Louis in football. But instead of breaking the curse last night, the former .45s lost to St. Louis, by a score of...4 to 5.

[Disclaimer: I never say the losing team's score first when talking about baseball. But in this case it just made the whole thing look cooler.]

Also, from yankees.com: "The New York Yankees announced today that second-baseman Mark Bellhorn has declined an outright to Triple-A Columbus and elected free agency." Welcome back (to non-evil-ness), Mark!

The Houston Astros; The Chicago White Sox; Yankees vs Yankees, w/o DFYankees; Roger & Andy have their rings; El Duque has his rings; ONLY Contreras needs one.

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