Monday, October 03, 2005


Do-re-mi Gonzalez shows us where the yanks and Sox are going. You'll notice he's pointing in different directions. I'll have more pics from Saturday up later tonight. But I wanted to mention some stuff:

Contreras in Game One--I'll take it. Did Guillen even look at the stats? I heard they were thinking about leaving El Duque off their post-season roster. If I were the Chicago White Sox, I'd start "The Dork" in Game One and keep Contreras far away from the stadium.

I watched a little of "Rally Monday." Millar and Ortiz sat on each other's laps. And just now on the New York news I saw a report about the yanks' version, complete with some non-fan saying "It'll be another 86 years before the Red Sox beat the yanks again." Oh, you original, witty, intelligent October-only yankee fans, you.

As I'd hoped, the Fenway scoreboard does indeed have us on top of the A.L. East. We tied the yanks, and we're ahead alphabetically. We'll show the standings the fair way, and let MLB use their unfair methods. (But, again, let the yanks fly to Anaheim.)

Per Pat, there WILL be a new Christopher Guest movie. Stay tuned.

Kapstein stood up and clapped right when the Indians lost on Sunday. No one else noticed until a few minutes later.

To the anonymous commenter who "couldn't wait" until October 3rd to read my post about next year, here you go: Next year, we'll three-peat.

Finally, it seems that some yankee fans (and players, and coaches, and announcers) are pretty pissed about Buck Showalter taking out some of his players yesterday, in a game the Rangers lost to Anaheim, giving the Angels home-field advantage in the ALDS against New York. A-Rod said, "there's a code of honor when so much is on the line," in this Daily News article. People were calling up the FAN saying how Buck was stickin' it to the yanks. And Jon Sterling was beside himself during yesterday's game broadcast. What a crock of yankee horsecrap. First of all, if they'd won on Sunday, they wouldn't have had to worry about this. And the fact that they took out THEIR starters IN THE GAME THEY NEEDED TO WIN to get home-field, after opting to NOT EVEN START Mussina in that game, tells me they have nothing to complain about. Mike Francesa was going ballistic hearing Sterling talk about Showalter as if he'd pissed on the Babe Ruth monument. And he's a yankee fan. That's the good thing about Francesa. When the yanks do something shitty, he'll make fun of it along with the rest of us.

Here's what Tee Jay-Rod should have said: "We really, really, really wanted to back into the home-field advantage, like we did with the division, but the Rangers took out some of their players during the last game of the season, as we did."

There is a great column by jeff Jacobs in today's Htfd. Courant sports pages on exactly that subject, Jere. They Yankees think Buck shafted them ( I could use a better word), but they shafted themselves. Go to and in the sports pages find Jeff Jacob's column titled "After champagne Yankees try the whine." You will enjoy. And that is in today's, Tuesday, Courant. Sox in 4.
DFYankees screwed THEMSELVES, by doing what Texas did, in bringing in all the scrubeenees.

I actually put on YES, for a few minutes for a few laughs.

Are DFYankees admitting, FINALLY, that they & their $212M Payroll, aren't WORTHY of Post-Season?

Did DFYankees give "The GiamBALCO", a day off, for "Juicing" Purposes?
I gotta say... Tee-Jay Rod- that gets me every time.
You're one of probably five who even get it.

I've liked the recent rise in TJ usage lately at your blog, too.

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