Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's Over!

Sveum out. Any other human or ape in! Praise the lord!

Any other? Who was our last 3rd base coach? Wendall Kim. How about any other human being but him.
Wasn't Cubbage in there post-Kim? Anyway, adios Dale. Let's get Gedman out there
what kind of "family reasons" do you think he had? reckon that his family was harrassed about Dale's terrible moves or what? Can you imagine having the last name "sveum" in a Boston-area school?
Cubbage was actually pretty good. Too bad the team completely shafted him once Fracona took over.

Apparently we're already interviewing DeMarlo Hale.
Sveum/to become a Crossing Guard in Milwaukee.
I've always had a problem with knowing who the third base coach was. Now I can get back to blissful ignorance.

Anyone notice how the Sox put out three different releases (Theo, owner, owner). Think they're on the same page?
For more on Wendell Kim, check out or contact your local library.

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