Sunday, October 23, 2005

Important World Series Breaking News

Now that I've hooked you in, you gotta hear about my huge victory over Chan in Scrabble last night. I'd already done a seven-letter word, making use of the two blanks I picked early on. I cruised from the start. Late in the game, with a 326-191 lead, I felt that there were three letters left in the bag, so I used three on my turn, ensuring I had one last shot at a seven-letter word. I had the letters AEELNST, which made LEANEST, but I had nowhere to put it. There was an M sticking out, and I discovered that I could do STEELMAN. Now, I don't know if a man who works with steel is really called a "steelman," but, hey, if I lose the challenge, I'm still up by 150 points. So I placed the last seven letters on the board, Chan challenged, and I looked it up. Much to my surprise, I found out that a steelworker IS called a steelman. 20 points plus the 50 for using all my letters, plus the total points left in Chan's hand, and I'd kicked Chan's butt, 431-193.


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