Thursday, October 13, 2005

Haven't Won Since

Red Sox 2004
Marlins 2003
Angels 2002
Diamondbacks 2001
yankees 2000
Braves 1995
Blue Jays 1993
Twins 1991
Reds 1990
Athletics 1989
Dodgers 1988
Mets 1986
Royals 1985
Tigers 1984
Orioles 1983
Cardinals 1982
Phillies 1980
Pirates 1979
Giants 1954
Indians 1948
White Sox 1917
Cubs 1908
Brewers --
Astros --
Devil Rays --
Rangers --
Mariners --
Nationals --
Padres --
Rockies --

Just because I was bored. It wasn't as hard a list to make as I thought it would be. Like George Costanza architect alter-ego building that new addition to the Guggenheim, it really didn't take very long, either. The only one I had to look up was the Giants. And for the Indians, I initially thought 1934, because I always think that, thanks to Lynn giving Jake 555-1934 as her fake phone number in Major League. I should know better, what with that being one of the one-game playoff years. Sox fans over 65 will be all over me for that one, I'm sure. The rest, I think, are right. Feel free to double check me. Also, I wanted to do this while the Sox are still at the top of the list. You'll note that the Red Sox are in the top four, or "first division," while the yanks are in the lesser-quality bottom twenty-six.

Top 4 are in This Century;DFYankees ar LAST Century.
What always amazes me about this list is how much parity there was in the 80's. I believe it was the first decade in history where there were ten WS played and ten different teams won exactly one championship.
Dodgers won in '81 and '88. You could say there was different champ in every non-strike year, though. But yeah, it was crazy. The AL had a different champ every year from '81-'88.
The parity of the '80's was most likely due to the dawn of free agency. This has slowed down a bit with competitve advantage some teams have ($$$$) in the free agent market.

Also: I see you have again changed the name of your site, now "Home of Chan" that rocks. say hi to him for me, and tell him I'm looking for a phone number I left on a sugar packet on his kitchen table... Anyway, am I the only one who doesn't see the new titles in your header?
You gave the number, I wrote it down.

Maybe it's a cookies thing. (Whatever those are.)
//You gave the number, I wrote it down//

yeah, yeah, that doesn't mean we can't continue to mess with Chan about it.
Ok, The NY Mets, will be @ Fenway Park, from June 27th, until June 29th, 2006.

A Polite Chant of "1986", should Float around Fenway Park. Pedro will return to his old Stomping Grounds. If he's wild, he'll need a cortisone shot.

A Slightly-More Sarcastic Chant of "Freddie Coupon" should greet Mr Fred Wilpon(OWNER of METS), as He's NO Mr John W. Henry.

ACTUAL Mets Fans, have a lot of respect
for their Red Sox Rooting Bretheran, as both have boisterous chants of "YANKEES SUCK."

The Guy you ran into, Jere, is a "CFA", or "Casual Fan Asshole", who, probably hasn't been to Shea Stadium, over the years.

May the chant to DFYankees, of "Year 2000", grow more boisterous.

Red Sox Nation is NOTED for Shea Stadium Pilgrimages.

Maybe, Mr Wilpon will include an "Orange & Blue Monster", in his new "Ebbets Field Style" Stadium, to be next door to the Current Shea Stadium.

& Fenway Park, will have OUTLASTED the 1st Multi-Purpose Stadium, as it has outlasted everything else.
1984, baby! Whoop whoop, Tigerrrrrrrrrrssss! etc.

Of course I missed it by a year. Not that I would've remembered it anyways, but still. Bollocks.
Thanks for the scheduling update, Michael. Pedro returns, nice.

Sam, all you missed was the Tigers winning like every single game that year. Probably the surest thing in my lifetime of sports-watching is that they'd win the World Series that year. (As far as, say, if you were asked who would win mid-way through a season. And for the last out of the Series, the announcer said, as the fly ball was hit out to, maybe, Chet Lemon, "And we'll let you enjoy..." before shutting up.

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