Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Satan Day

Halloween: Pissing off religious types since a long time ago. I'll take all the candy you don't eat, religious types.

Above is me in '81 or so, dressed as The Greatest American Hero. By far, my best costume ever. The travesty is that I'm holding up a Clark bar. I can only guess that I'd already started sorting the good candy on the floor, and the Clark was the only thing left in the pumpkin-thing, so I held it out, surely at mom's request, for the picture.

Comment from my mom, who can't seem to figure out how to comment on these newfangled blog things:

"You'd never heard of a Clark bar. You thought it was a hilarious name because of our neighbor, Crystal Clark. Mom"

Well, that solves it. I wonder what happened to Crystal.
And whatever happened to The Greatest American Hero?
Um, he's on DVD.

Nice blog, freethinker.

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