Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good Win

I just watched many hours of a five-plus hour baseball game. The guy who won it was wearing TWO of those crazy necklaces. Wouldn't they cancel each other out? And El Duque had one on and left with a stiff neck!

With the 3-0 lead, we got to hear about the only baseball team to ever come back from such a defecit, which was good.

Earlier tonight, I went to see Doris Kearns Goodwin speak at the Union Square B & N. It was very interesting. From the Northwest employees yelling at her and getting carted away by pigs, to the talk of one of our five most honest presidents, Abe Lincoln, to the question from the audience that asked who she's rooting for in the World Series. No mention of plagiarism, though.

She did respond to the Northwest people, who were pissed about her being on NWA's board of directors, saying if they sign her e-mail list, she'll communicate with them, and pointing out that the people there came to hear about Abe Lincoln. It's just so weird that this innocent-looking woman has been so demonized lately. Hey, maybe she's guilty of one or more things, but until I do the research, I'm not saying anything. But I'll always respect her for being a Sox fan and for her writing on American history. The only thing I'm pissed at her for is her choosing not to be in the They Might Be Giants documentary.

Speaking of American history, RIP Rosa Parks, who was responsible for this country's most important moment.

Doris Kearns-Goodwin, grew up going to Ebbetts Field-Brooklyn. To her, Fenway Park, is a continuation of Ebbetts Field.

To me, Fenway Park, was the Ebbetts Field, I wish that I had the opportunity to go to.

In June, 1997, I got that opportunity, & loved every minute of it.

I gotta make another pilgrimage, sometime next year.
Wait, so I'm totally out of the loop- Doris Kearns Goodwin was in NWA? Did she talk about Eazy E?

But in all seriousness- I don't get the NWA reference or the plagiarism one- I admittedly don't know much about her outside her appearances on the Ken Burns "Baseball" documentary. What's the NWA?

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