Thursday, October 13, 2005


What a crazy ending to that ALCS game tonight. In case you missed it, I'm the one who said "Just grab 'em in the biscuits." I mean, in case you missed it, the Angels were one strike away from sending the game to extra innings. And they got it, but the batter decided to run to first, thinking that maybe the catcher had caught strike three on a bounce. He made it, since the catcher had already tossed the ball to the mound, and the Angels were all walking off the field. After a stolen base, the next batter knocked in the winning run.

Needless to say, the Angels were quite pissed. Mainly because it looked like the catcher caught the ball cleanly, on the fly. McCarver was completely certain of it. I don't know, it could have bounced, barely. But it just goes to show you that you should run every time the catcher misses a strike three. Or, in this case, if you think there's the slightest chance that the ball was short-hopped. Then again, the batter had started walking to his own dugout, but when he saw the catcher roll the ball out onto the field, he took a shot. It's almost like the umpire saw this and thought, "Oh, he must have a reason for running. Yeah, that's right, the ball bounced. Safe. Instead of the out call I already made."

It also goes to show that the catcher should just go ahead and tag a guy if there's any doubt. But that was McCarver's point; the guy had no doubt, that's why he rolled the ball away and ran to the dugout.

In the NLCS, some National League teams played, and bunting was probably involved.

Also, did you see this article? I swear, this isn't some fake article written by me to mock the way the media treats the yankees like some regal...beagle. My favorite line? Oh yeah, it's definitely:

"And it's over, this gallant quest."

MLB, so dependent on what DFYankees bring, in terms of REVENUE, SUCKS UP to this team, in UNFATHOMABLE ways.

It's as if, according to "The Apocalypse of St. John The Apostle", DFYankees are "The Whore of Babylon"(& I don't mean, in Suffolk County, NY), & everyone fornicates with that club's riches, feeding at the trough.

Please! That Team is MEDIOCRE & HUMAN, & They FUCK UP, TOO.

Worship God & NOT DFYankees; You'll feel better.
The NL game was pretty good, actually. And yes, I saw at least one bunt, and it was perfectly laid down by Pettitte.

tj is imbedded in my verification code.
//Derek Jeter, whose physical gifts are matched only by his heart//
//the "baby" of the rest of the starting lineup is Rodriguez, 30//
//with Johnson pitching relief (quite heroically//
//The finale was a microcosm of the summer: a costly miscommunication in the outfield, a vapid effort by a starting pitcher, a critical umpire's call against a baserunner.//
(certainly the halos could not have been the better team)
Please be sure and wipe the drool off George's shoes, Mr. Singer.
"Derek Jeter, whose physical gifts are matched only by his heart, singles."

Gag. There's nothing "gallant" about the school bully tripping on his way to beat up one of the smaller kids.

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