Thursday, October 06, 2005

For The Fidryches

If that yankee loss didn't cheer you up after today's ridiculous Red Sox game, hopefully these pictures will. We have some pigeons that live on our air conditioner, right outside our window. Today, I heard them making a racket, and when I saw that they were either fighting or mating, I reached for my video camera to capture the action:

Here, one bird is on the other one's back, biting its neck, with its tail up against the window. This looks like birdy-style, so they probably were mating.

Then they started doing a square-dancing move.

They really looked like they were trying to kill each other. Maybe Sam can help us with all her bird knowledge.

This one hurt....bad. A knife to the gut a la Buckner. Tony G. might not have gotten two on the play, but the flip to 2nd would have resulted in one. But noooooo. Then the curve ball to their 2nd baseman/short right fielder. Boom. Not Boomer, but boom, 5-4. And there it stayed. Our hopes have faded to the faint outlines in a 10 year old Polaroid picture, yellowed and brittle, even musky smelling. But we still live. It's back to a stormy Boston, although the rain might hold off because of the early start. Words have abandoned me for the moment. Take care and we'll get through this, one way or the dreaded other.
Those bizz-irds be gettin' they freak on! Much more interesting than last night's results.
Fydrich, as in Mark/native of The Commonwealth of MA. I wonder if he could come out of retirement & help the starting pitching, or, at least, replace Chris Berman?
Jere, was one of them puffing up its neck feathers and strutting around pushing them forward, like a fangirl walking around with her shoulders thrown back and chest thrust out (imagine "Mrs. Damon" emblazoned in rhinestones across the pigeon's front, if you will)?

Cause if it was, mating for sure.

Hard to tell from just a few shots, but that would be a surefire indication.
No, they just went right at each other. But afterwards, one started spinning around and around in one spot.

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