Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First Inning Update

The "World Leader in Sports" is the world's second-worst at telecasting baseball (after Fox.) It's only the first inning, but the three plays that deserve replays haven't gotten one. The "great play" by the White Sox first baseman on Johnny's line-out was missed by the entire nation because it happened too fast. A replay wasn't shown because they had a pre-determined plan in place to show something else after the game's first hitter. The same thing happened in the bottom of the first. Podsednik got hit by a pitch and no one saw it. Again, that was when they chose to show something else, so we never got a replay. Then, the ball down the third base line that Mueller made the play on looked foul, but for the third time, they'd already decided there was other business to attend to at that moment, so no replay, on what also was a really nice play.

But that's not what's really making me mad. It's the fact that Clement lost it about a month ago, and, as the first inning just proved, never did get it back. I hope all you racists in and out of the media are happy with the way you treated Pedro, causing him to feel direspected and leave, because he'd be pitching right now. Oh, wait, you are happy, because you all love it when the Red Sox lose.

We can get the five back. It is still Contreras.

I hate to disagree at such a bad time in the game, but Petey had his heart set on never coming back. He was trying to get the most amount of bucks from the Mets and I think he knew he was going anywhere but Beantown after the last out of the Series. Don't fall into his bizarro explanations for his move. Reality bites, Jere.
That may be true at the end, but I just mean that the media treated him like crap the whole time he was on the team, causing him to want to leave at the nd of his contract.
Dirt Pooches, they're a-holes. Clement is no Pedro.
Just be thankful that Piazza & NOT McCarver, is in the booth, but Berman is such a melodramatic Blohole.
Am listening to Joe & Jerry, now/can't stomach Berman.
Yeah, Berman was not trained as an announcer. At least he didn't do fifty Boston accents tonight.
"Effectively Erratic": Something for Berman & McCarver To misproniunce.

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