Thursday, October 06, 2005

Depression Got A Hold On Me?

You don't want to hear about the premonition I had a moment before Graff's gaffe. All I'll say about that is that I really hope Tony doesn't get booed at Fenway. Red Sox fans are smart, and usually know who deserves forgiveness. But I have a bad feeling that some people are just thinking, "Everything would be better if it weren't for this guy." I hope that's not the case. This guy has done a great job for us. He should get a standing ovation.

I don't know why, but everything just seems so calm. I haven't had the heart rate increase that important Red Sox games have always provided me with. And I feel like even if we were up 2-0, I'd still have this feeling of calm. Like, last night, after the "G(r)affe; an E. No!" play, I didn't throw things, I didn't start yelling about the end of the world in a homicidal rage. I don't even think I got out of my chair. I knew exactly what it could possibly mean, and I cringed, but that was about it. Maybe it was because of my premonition.

And I don't know if all of this has anything to do with 2004, but I don't think so. My heart raced in the moments leading up to the September series at yankee Stadium, just like it would have pre-2004. But since then, I don't know, maybe it's just knowing that both teams got in to the playoffs yet again. Or maybe it's because the Sox need to give me a post-season win before I can really start to get excited.

Or maybe it's that i'm finally, after over 25 years of paying attention to baseball, I've become used to the Red Sox being in the playoffs.

Regardless of whether or not they'd won last year, I've got to see my team play in five playoff series' in the last two seasons. They played in eight over the span of my entire life before that.

All these extra rounds are ruining baseball.

Still, I think the team can come back. And I think my excitement level can, too. A win tomorrow means I'll be at Fenway on Saturday. And I know I better get excited for every game that ends up being played in this series, because each time, I'll know it might be the last chance I get for a while.

You know, maybe all this is happening because I heard Henry Rollins doing a Goodyear tire commercial. The world is just a different place now.

I definitly believe the Sox can come back. They're the Sox. Last night, I watched the City of Champions Best of Bosotn sports dvd. If the Sox can break the curse after years and years, they can come back.
Preachin' to the choir, Jake-a-nator.
Don't lose that "Willis" outlook, Jere. And on the DVD front, the best DVD in our Sox world came out 2 years ago, before '04, and if you don't own it, you have to. It's called BOSTON RED SOX 100 Years of Baseball History 1901-2001. Ok Ok, it was released in 2001. Time flies. But this DVD has everything amazing about the Sox, in chapters (long ones) in chronological order and in amazing footage with live commentary play by play. 1946, 67, 75 at length, the beaning of TonyC, the Fisk shot with the original unedited NBC footage from all angles with the 3 minute crowd ovation. Extras include Teddy ballgame's meeting with Pedro. There is too much to continue. Look it up at Amazon. I've seen so much Sox, but this is in another statosphere. It's almost 4 hours and divided so you can go to any season you want. Awesome. I will offer a money back guarantee to anyone who is a diehard Sox fan and is not ecstatic.
"Regardless of whether or not they'd won last year, I've got to see my team play in five playoff series' in the last two seasons. They played in eight over the span of my entire life before that."

Jere, so many people have said something similar to this to me today. And I feel the same way.

I also believe they can pull it off...but I KNOW if they don't, I'm still going to love them and I'm still going to be thankful for the amazing year of baseball I've enjoyed in 2005!
I had the bad fortune to watch last night's game with my FIL, who does not watch baseball much when not at our house. After the error, he was going on and on about what a dope Graf was, and I swear we almost came to blows. What, ONE mistake and we call the guy a chucklehead? He's been a great addition (but, then I was never a Bellhorn fan) Then the Buckner comparisons started and I lost it even more. Fifth inning, game two? There was plently of time to come back.

Anyway, we are all keeping the faith. I didn't lose faith last year, and I won't this year, and there's always next year!
This guy has done a great job for us. He should get a standing ovation.

Totally. I can't remember who said it (Tito? Millar?), but without Tony G. we aren't even in ther playoffs this year.

As for the Buckner comparisons (and with all due respect to suzie's FIL): WTF????
I'm not saying these things are comparable or in any way similar, but it seems that this feelings of wallowing in their own misery, waiting for the other shoe to drop, etc. are things that are deeply ingrained in Sox fans generationally. In that respect just like with racism, it's one of those things that is simply going to take time to work it's way out of the general population, and just like with racism there are going to be those still holding a candle vigil for keeping the old view of Sox Fans going strong. (I'm looking at you CHB, and the rest of the hack writers, tv producers, etc that ever relied on exploiting this crap).

It's times like these I'm ecstatic I wasn't born into a Sox family. I don't need all that extra baggage that seems to come with a lot of these fans fandom. I have nothing against the generational passing of Sox fandom, but it just seems the worst offenders of this type of behavior are those that come from long suffering families of generational fans that have morphed there love of the Sox into something twisted (if that makes any sense).

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