Saturday, October 01, 2005

Closing In

"There's a lot of history between these teams. But history's been changing lately." --David Ortiz after tonight's win

People, you don't have to listen to me and my theories. But David has spoken. I hope you'll listen. This is what I've been saying. Anyone can win in any year. All right, some teams can win in any year. But the whole idea of counting the Red Sox out simply because they're the Red Sox is dead.

Still, I pick up the Daily News and read quotes--from Shaughnessy--about how the Sox were put here to make us suffer, and thoughts of all the old collapses are rushing back into our heads this weekend and how the curse is still alive.

There's just no reason for that. (Also from today's Daily News: They quoted a Fenway Park scalper, and the guy gave his name as "Richard Puller." And they let it get through.)

Great win tonight. I love it when Jeter makes the final out of a game. Jason almost hit the Avalon. Timlin was on. Wells came through like we knew he would. Giambi did a little dance step on his fine throw to home. Wang was hit fairly hard, and was bailed out by some baserunning miscues on our part.

Now it's down to two. CLeveland just lost in 13, so, with one more win or one Indians loss, we clinch at least an extra play-in game. With a win and a Cleveland loss tomorrow, we're in the playoffs, and we can't play a one-game playoff. Because a clinch over Cleveland tomorrow means that if we end up tied for the division, the yanks would get it based on better head-to-head against us. However, a win tomorrow and a Cleveland loss means that if we win the final game, and Cleveland wins theirs, the yanks would have to play them in a one-gamer for the Wild Card.

There will be a quiz at the end of this post. (And Question 1 will be "What's it called when someone uses that dumb 'There will be a quiz...' line after giving several slightly confusing facts?" And the answer will be "C. A terrible job.")

I had a game-long conversation with my dad tonight about all these playoff possibilities. It really is crazy. Because there's the "Do I root for Cleveland so there's pressure on the yanks, even though it would also put some on us?" question, and the Angels record issue, and the "Who would you rather play?" question, and the "Would it be better to be the Wild Card and get the crappy White Sox or get the division and have the yanks get the crappy White Sox?" question. It's neverending. That's why baseball is the best sport. That and all the club-wielding.

So, basically, the only way there can be a playoff with the Sox involved is if it's a three-way tie, in which case it would be the crazy dual-game playoff on Monday and Tuesday.

Here's what I think happens:

We win tomorrow, Randy cries in dugout. We win Sunday, 12-5. Division champs. Cleveland splits their next two. yanks play Cleveland in Cleveland in a one-game playoff for the Wild Card. yanks lose in 11th on Aaron Boone home run. yanks get minor food-poisoning on plane back to New York. Jeter somehow gets praised despite doing nothing good. Red Sox win World Series. I fly through winder, maw never knows. (And your chances of getting that reference are even slimmer than on the first one.)

//how the curse is still alive.//

That man will not give it up, will he? Still tryin' to sell more copies of his fuckin' book, I'm sure.

jeez he pisses me off. ok I'll go back and read the rest of the post now.
For today's recipe for success, see Reb's Sox. I really don't give a blank about anything other than making it into the playoffs, and two Sox wins (white 'n red) will do that TODAY. The pressure would be off tomorrow and I would be able to watch the game without creating a ragged path in the carpet from all the pacing back and forth. The noise level would be much more tolerable for my neighbors near and far, for last night it was loud, very loud, dangerous decibles flying into the great blue nowhere. Ah yes, game 162 without the heart flutters. My oh my. Now, make it happen.
I give a blank about the yanks suffering the worst fate possible. Bring on Sunday night. This is our millennium, remember. They're the ones who should be scared shitless.
I'm off to Fenway...
Shaugnessy is an A-Wipe!
Today was not meant to be. Tomorrow IS. Never fear. We didn't hit RJ. Wake wasn't good enough today. We all survive.
In reality, it was a close race, made a lot closer by a couple of bulked up players, especially GiamBALCO, who's way larger than life as we speak.

The crack of the bat, may have swung 10 games the Yankees way. The team is not that excellent, only lucky that MLB doesn't give blood tests, to test for HGH, & The Cream & The Clear, amongst other roids.

Perhaps, MLB wanted to spare themselves of the Embarassment That their #1 Franchise, is a Cheating DISGRACE.

It's about The MONEY.

I hate living in a City of MFPosers, especially, when born & raised here. I think that you get my drift.
OMG, I was in my Queens Neighborhood, with all the MF Posers, & their NY Yankee Caps, today.

@ least I listened to Trup & Castig, on Gameday Audio.

No way was I going to listen to Sterling & Waldman, deliver this line "& This Yankee Clinching, was brought to you by BALCO."
Shaugnessy made the curse.. he should go work fr ESPN rr The NY Daily News.. something with pictures.. degenerate spook!
We're in.

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