Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Chin Up And Stuff

If Mueller gets on here, wait, he's out. Okay, if the next eleven guys get on, oh wait, game over. And to think, thirteen more little runs and we would have won the thing.

Like Sutcliffe said, it's a must-win for the Pale Hose, aka the Pail Prostitutes (they're pail, they're bucket...), tomorrow. As (teeth clenched) Jon Sterling always says, momentum changes with that day's pitcher. A no-no, all right, just a win by Wells tomorrow and we go home knowing if we win two there, we're in the ALCS. (Clinching in Game 4 also means I get to witness the clinch in person.)

Matty couldn't hit the glove today. Contreras is still drinking the non-yankee success juice apparently. We'll get 'em tomorrow.

Contreras is no longer "Coached" by Mel Stottlemyre.

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