Friday, October 21, 2005

'06 Starts Before '05 Ends

Chan's not gonna be happy.

Since I basically denounced all sports besides baseball a few years ago, he's been saying, "Why's you choose the one sport that goes all year?" You see, Chan finds what I feel to be a normal passion for my baseball team quite annoying and over-the-top. And now, with the World Series not even over--or begun, even--the 2006 tentative Red Sox schedule is out.

Sorry, Chan.

We don't go to Washington, but the Detroit series is on a weekend. And in June. Good news because that's been my tentative major road-trip city for a while. They play in Toronto before that, so maybe I'll go through there before going on to Detroit. Also, the Mets are in this year. And surely, for the 100th consecutive year, every single person will complain about how the yankees series' are either too spaced out or not spaced out enough. We open up in Texas, and the home opener is against the Boredom Birds from beyond the border.

Ahh, those days I've summer I've longed for...for, like, less than a month. Baseball's back!

I'm Wondering just how will Pedro Martinez, be treated & greeted, by the Throng @ Fenway Park?

I see that DFYankees aren't playing all weekend series, like is usually the case. That'll give Tim McCarver, fewer opportunities to blather on about Bucky, Babe & Boone.
Chan might not like it, but he's been through it before with you, so he must like something about you. Stranger things have happened. And right now the soap opera with Manny and Theo and Boomer know better than I, Jere. Have a great weekend. Cashman in Our Town? No comment, yet. I hope it's the play. I guess that's a comment, though.
Deeeeetroit! Baseball!

Man, Comerica's ace, you'll love it. Can't guarantee anything about the rest of the city, though.
If you want to hang in Detroit, either go out to the clubs and bars near the stadium or call a cab if you want to go to Greektown or Hamtramck. Otherwise, drive to one of the suburbs (Pontiac, Royal Oak/Ferndale, or Wyandotte; Novi if you like driving to BFE, Mt. Clemens if you like mullets). Don't make it too complicated on yourself.
Thanks for the advice. Still don't even know if I'm going yet. I did go to old Tiger Stadium a few years back, but not for a Sox game.

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