Friday, September 30, 2005

This Is It, Ya Know

This is the meal. So stock up, buddy boy.

Today, I reached into the "ticket envelope" for the last time. Game 80 vs. New York (AL). I always just keep the FedEx envelope I get the 10-Game Plan tickets in, with all the tickets inside. You'll see I've written a note on there, so should Chan or some burglar see the envelope, they'll know NOT to discard it in the trash. At least not during the calendar year 2005. I still can't believe I didn't close those parentheses. Terrible job, me. But, nonetheless, the tickets survived. Some were traded away for my Opening Day ticket, and some rogue tickets for other stadiums were added to the envelope along the way. It's been a nice regular season. I think I must've broken my personal single-season record for most games witnessed, for the somethingth year in a row.

Hopefully the one other set of tickets I have, for the ALDS, will be used. I'll bring those with me to Boston this weekend, and should that game be played Wednesday, I'll just stay up there til then. (If we don't end up with home-field advantage, my game would be next Saturday, in which case I'd come back and go up again.) So how many pairs of socks should I pack today? Will it jinx it if I plan for a five-day stay instead of a two-day stay? Well, I'll figure something out.

Speaking of home-field, no one's talking about the Angels and how there's a race for that second-best division record. Look into that if you want.

Now we will attempt to cross the streams. Go for it all. A three-game sweep. Yes, there's a risk of total protonic reversal, but
it's a risk the World Champs will have to take.

"I love this plan, I'm excited to be a part of it. Let's do it!"

[Anti-climactic side note: Last time I was at Fenway, I heard the organist play Sedated by the Ramones. Seriously.]

You know, if I'd never started my blog, and had never seen this one, and someone posited a hypothetical world in which I did have a blog, and then asked who, in that world, would include more Ghostbusters references - me or anyone else - I'd say me every time. And I'd be wrong. Completely un-terrible job, Jere.
hey jere, have you seen the city of champions best of boston sports dvd yet? if not, get on it man. so much live-action footage and great music. it has the good the bad and the ugly. last year's win is in there too. you gotta check it out. it has a website at
Andrew--thanks. In the next few weeks, if I think of it, I'll see if I can sneak one past you.

Anonymous--I've seen the ads for it on the scoreboard at Fenway. And even though I've never been a fan of the other Boston teams, it does seem worth it for all the Sox stuff. I like how the Karim Garcia thing is on there.
Jere - some interesting Drinkwater events tonight. First, since figuring out who he was, I put two and two together and realized that he was the guy that a lot of people mistake for Robert Redford (causing me to hear 'Redford has season tickets behind home plate!' a lot). Tonight? Robert Redford is at the game, sitting next to Drinkwater. People must be going nuts.

Plus, just now both Redford and Drinkwater were leaning over talking across the aisle to Jeremy Kapstein. It was something to behold.

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