Thursday, September 08, 2005

There Is No Sanctuary

For months now, I planned to do a post on my thritieth birthday called "There Is No Sanctuary," referring to the movie Logan's Run, in which an entire race of people believe that on their thirtieth birthday, they go to "Sanctuary."

And here it is, the day, and I forgot all about it.

Until I went to WCSG, and saw that in her most recent post, she actually mentioned Logan's Run. So thanks to her, I at least have now remembered to do the "Sanctuary" post-title. Also, thanks to her for filling in for Pat at last night's Sox game. (More on that later, as promised.)

I am not the only milestone birthday in the Red Sox blogging world today, as SamCat turns the large two-oh. So, Happy Fantabulous Red Sox Fan Day, or whatever is was that Sam named our birthday along time ago. (For the official logo, go to Reb Sox.


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