Thursday, September 01, 2005

Then God Is Seven

What I like about Olerud is that he's been playing long enough so that he knows when the team only needs, say, a fly ball to the outfield to score the tying run. He came through in that situation tonight, and as a bonus, the ball went over the wall for his second dong of the night, and a 6-4 lead. Just the fact that he hit a fly ball is the most important thing to me.

7/7/7 in our last three games. Johnpot.

Another comeback, and a sweep of the mighty, mighty DR.

And guess which two yankee pitchers were integral in the yanks' loss tonight...Embree and Mendoza! God, that was sweet. Jeter is crying tonight. (And planning his Carribbean vacation for October 2nd.)

3 1/2 up. 4 in the loss. O-birds coming in. yanks to Oakland.

Update on something I forgot to mention in the first place: Turns out he was scattering his mother's ashes. So, anyway, I was at a cockfight and--oh, right, uh, so this guy ran on the field at Safeco last night, and Kay said he had a sign and a can of some kind. Cameras showed remnants of what looked like sand in the outfield. Thanks to Devin at Mariners blog Lookout Landing for the info. I hope he's not the Dirt Dog of Seattle.

That's something worth getting arrested for. And I'm being serious. His mother is smiling up in Heaven. peter*
6 is the Bad #/7 Signals Perfection.

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