Tuesday, September 06, 2005

That A Detective Story?

The A's and Indians are currently two games behind the yanks in the loss column for the Wild Card lead. With the A's still battling the Angels for the west title, and still having four games left against them, and any Red Sox wins against the Angels helpng the yanks, I'm focusing on the Indians to get that Wild Card.

Wahoo's Tribe has games left against: the Tigers, two series' with KC, and Minny, TB, and Oakland, all at home. They do play two series' with the White Sox. But one is the last series of the season, which may turn out to be meaningless for Chicago.

So it's definitely a possiblilty that they can gain three games on the yanks. But, who knows, a lot of things can happen. I just hope the Indians have their team-owner-woman cardboard cut-out ready.

Should DFYankees lose to Tampa Bay, significantly, things will change.

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