Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Curt, on behalf of all Red Sox fans, I'd like to request a no-hitter that gives us momentum and sends us rocketing into the playoffs. Thanks.

In game show news, do you remember Scrabble? "Place the R, Chuck." "Ooh, stopper."

I thought of that one, and it got me thinking about a really underrated time in game show history. Around 1989, USA Network came out of nowhere with some seemingly Canadian game shows. Like Hot Potato, Bumper Stumpers, and Jackpot. BS was about figuring out license plate-related puzzles. In Jackpot, everybody had a series of wallets with riddles inside. And every once in a while, someone would open their wallet and say "Jackpawt!" Again, they all seemed to be Canadian for some reason. Weird, since it was USA Network. Anyway, if anyone else has any memories of the late-80s wave of game shows, please share.

Schilling vs. McTurd tonight.

(As in "The McTurd McClung to my McAss.")

Press Your Luck.

No whammy's, no whammy's. Big money. Repeat ad nasuem.
Jackpot absolutely RULED. And the "stoppers" were totally fixed to limit winnings, in my opinion.

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