Thursday, September 08, 2005

Re: Guitarroyo

In defense of Bronson:

Guitar playing just happens to be an activity that can be very public. To have people hear your music, it's necessary to play it in front of them, or at the very least, record it and make them aware of it somehow. (Again, by playing it for them.) Not to say that this is the reason we play music. For example, my friend and roommate Chan is a very talented guitarist, but has never played in front of an audience or even recorded a song.

I'm just saying, Bronson gets a bad Saran Wrap for having an "in-the-spotlight" hobby.

Maybe Edgar Renteria is a huge dominoes player. Maybe he doesn't work out some days becuase he HAS to play dominoes. He could be the world champion domino player, but no one would know, because nobody gives a fuck about dominoes. But everybody enjoys music, to some degree.

So, I say, if he's got a hobby, let him do it. Him being comfortable and being allowed to do what he wants will make him a better ballplayer, I think.

Besides, I never hear anyone telling Tim Wakefield to "lay off the charity work, it's really affecting your game."

That is all.


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