Thursday, September 15, 2005

No Subject

Kapler out for year.

Red Sox Nation people, check your e-mail.

I'm out til Monday. Hopefully we'll be 6 1/2 up by then.

Jere, I'm not a negative person, but right now I hope we have a SHARE of first place by the time you're back. The problems with the team are too numerous to mention, but not too serious that a little hitting won't cure. Face facts, in most cases the rest of the way, we have to score 5 plus runs per game to have a chance to add to the win total. .500 ball and 93 wins does not a playoff team make, not this year in this division. I write this early Friday morn with a bad taste in my mouth that came from not a lack of oral hygiene, but a nasty loss last night.
"There's nothing better than having a lead and knowing the game's over,'' said Francona. GREAT COMMENNT! peter*

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