Saturday, September 24, 2005

Me Like Win

That's the Tejada I've been watching for the last few days. It's about time we got a break.

We're basically at home the rest of the way, as tonight's Baltimore crowd proved. It seemed like a festive atmosphere down there. Constant noise. And Saturday will bring even more Sox fans to the mildly great state of Maryland. That includes my parents, who initially planned on hitting a Sox game and a Nationals game this weekend, but have decided the Red Sox need them too much right now. So they're in for Saturday and Sunday now. I am jealous. But I'll be at Fenway on Monday, where it will be just as electric as the division goes down to the wire for the first time in a while.

Bronson did a great job of bouncing back tonight. He got stronger as the game went on. When that guy finds his rhythm, he's Cy F. Young sometimes.

Love how Cora is coming through, and as a bonus, Turbo-ny Graf-X-nino will be back tomorrow. We've got a nice little setup at the former Offerman/Sanchez/Walker/ Frye/Barrett/Remy position.

I noticed that Trot has a 44 as well as a 7 on his helmet, in honor of his sidelined summer-me, Gabe Kapler. Nice job, Trot.

Alright, I'm gonna do an "if you'd told me..." I'm sorry. But here it is: If you'd told me last December that we'd be one game out of first to the yanks with nine games left, with the last seven being at home, and the last three being against the yanks, well, I'd call you a fucking genius because you'd have turned out to be exactly right. I'd be all, "Holy shit, you are absolutley amazing. I mean, just knowing what the schedule makers were going to do is crazy enough, but then to correctly guess the standings? Just, wow. I'm going to buy you an ice cream cone of your choice. You want red bean? Huh? Red bean?"

You get the point. Let's look forward instead of the other -ward. It will be exciting. Fenway with sweatshirts. That's my heaven.

Oh, and Ted, forget it.

Hey, click on the link at the right for "View From My Office." They've got a greenhouse in right field at Fenway. I guess people are picking up their Championship Sod tomorrow. (No, I didn't buy any after all.) There's also a colorful sign on the Monster that says "Storybook Ball."

It's nice to see from this post that you're a happy guy accenting the positive spin. I hope your parents have a good time this weekend watching us win twice more. I have a good friend who lives in Baltimore and was an active Oriole fan when they were playing like major leaguers. She has since become less active, to say the least, and is doing all she can with spells and incantations to cause more Tejada-like happenings for the boys in orange and black. Tally-ho!
The Yankees lose! Matt, this is your moment to shine or be hated.
Yes, they indeed lost. That was a tough game to watch. But the Jays pulled it out. Yeaaaaa!

Let's tie it up, please.
Ted Lilly SUCKS! It's as if he's pitching on any given Saturday @ Yankee Stadium.

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