Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Little Bitch" Sighting

Chan and I just went to Coldstone. Since the yankee game (another loss to Tampa) had ended an hour or so before, I guaranteed a Tino Martinez sighting, since we've seen him there before. I said to Chan, "The team's in town, the game ended fairly early. I'm sure Tino promised the kids a Coldstone trip before the Sox come to town to kick some ass."

We got there, and unlike last time, we were the only ones there. And no employees were singing. As we looked over the ice cream selection, I looked over at the door, and watched Jorge Posada walk in.

He came right over to the spot behind me in line, with a buddy-type person following him. I thought for a minute, and decided I was gonna talk to him.

"Hey, Mr. Posada," I said. I can't believe I called him "mister." I should've gone the "Jorge" route.

"Hey," he mumbled, looking down at the ice cream.

"Last time I was here, I saw Tino Martinez," I told him.

"Oh yeah?" He was feigning interest. His eyes were red. Not just bloodshot, but red all around.

"So I always see a yankee in here."

"Well, it's good stuff," he said to the floor, with the man behind him ready to attack if I laid a finger on him. Although I could have taken him AND Posada with one sock tied behind my back.

"I guess it's the one thing I have in commom with you guys." That's a lie. I think Coldstone is overrated. They know about the DQ Blizzard, right? Terrible job, Coldstone.

Anyway, at that point, Jorge inquired to the employee about the oozing vats of ice cream in front of the four of us.

The employee told us that the freezer broke. The stuff was totally melted. Posada took his buddy and left. Chan had already ordered, and felt he had to buy at that point. I got nothing. Chan threw the stuff away on our walk home, disappointed.

So we go into the yankee series up by four games. And the yanks are a half back of Cleveland for the Wild Card. I hope none of the umps from the yanks' or Sox' last series are not involved this weekend.

Also, tonight I heard something so ridiculous. It was Bellhorn's first start as a yankee at home. Which means what? That's right, he was part of his first bleacher creature roll call. "Ma-ark Bellhorn! clap, clap, clap clap clap." I almost puked.


jorge, melted vats of 'scream, and cheesy Belly rollcall. all yicky. You must be nauseated. Terrible job NYC on jere's birthday.
Ma-ark BellWHORE, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.
Jere, so do you want the same set of umps, or not? I was unsure..I kinda liked the umps in the Angels series because it seems every call, some of them ri-goddam-diculous, went AGAInST the team from LaLa.
I don't think it matters, peter*; the umps we have this weekend are -at this very moment, as I write this- opening big fat envelopes, reading hand-written notes from georgie, and counting the cash.
True, Rebecca. And if my Stepford theory is correct, George has some sort of remote control for them hidden away in his office.
The roll call sucks, ESPECIALLY when they try to extend one-syllable first names (Ma-ark). Weak. Or should I say, we-eak.
ML: nice touch on the slaps.

P10 (get it, Pete N.?): In game one, it seemed like the balls and strikes were called at random. And most went against the Sox. Game two, I was in the bleachers, but Manny had to be safe at first on one of those two grounders. And last night, the appeal that went our way, as well as the first two called strike threes in the eighth (Edgar and Manny, and kind of Ortiz, too). And last night's yankee game, yank pitchers got a lot of "extra" strike calls.

Reb & WC: True, of course. We shall overcome the bribery, though, because we're that much better. Look for bizarre occurrances on the field that go the yanks' way, such as a well-placed fan on the field negating Red Sox hits, or a home made storm cloud, or a medley of ALL the America-related songs in the seventh to throw off Wells' rythym, as George really needs to step up the unfairness to get wins.

PatG: Good call on Ma-ark. TJ.
My dorm room in college had P-10 on it, so yeah, I got it, oh quick witted one. peter*
And Manny was out but it was soooo close on the last one. Only in slo-mo could one tell.peter*

What time where you there? My girlfriend and I were at the USOpen; on the way back she suggested Coldstone, so we took the subway up to 86th, and walked over. Alas, it was about 20 after 11, and they closed at 11...same time as the one behind my house out in the burbs. I would have thought the UES one would stay open until midnight on a Thursday night, given all the folks out walking those blocks at that time.
We were there about twenty minutes before 11. I think they stay open til midnight on weekends only.
Little (largely insignificant) info on Jorge (and Jeter, actually): right around the corner from that Coldstone is a building called the Ventura, a luxury high rise. I used to work there as the "Resident Services Manager"... anyway, Posada used to live there, and so did Jeter. Like, 2000-2001-ish.

Jeter (no joke) had a ton of requests for extra keys to be made (HEY NOW!). Also, on their Health Club applications, some handler obviously filled them out, and in the "Employer" field, the guy entered "New York Yankees," and at "Supervisor" they entered "George Steinbrenner." Finally, on the "position" field, normally to be filled out as "executive liason" or "H20 distribution engineer," was filled out as "Shortstop." That made me laugh out loud.
Giving out secret yankee info is welcome--and encouraged on this blog. Thanks.

Also, did Robin Ventura live at the Ventura?
Interestingly enough, no... he lived at the Piazza.
So, did Piazza live at...the Zeile?

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