Monday, September 05, 2005

Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

One of them, anyway.

Got a Bad News Bears jersey. Amanda's number 11. Cha-ching. Milestone birthdays get you the best presents. But I've still got a few more days of hanging on to my twenties. The last of which, Wednesday, will be spent at Fenway watching the first-place, World Champion Boston Red Sox, with my Amanda jersey on. Not a bad way to close out my third decade on earth.

Curt got all of his lingering crappiness out of the way today. He should be all set for the yanks next weekend.

I agree with you, almost 30 year old(it's no big deal-either is 40).Let's beat the Angels of Wherever 2 of 3 and then concentrate on the pinshits.peter*
Good call on Amanda. I've been wanting a Kelly Leak jersey for the longest goddamn time, but I can never really free up enough money to justify it. It will happen, though.

Amanda was my first choice, but then I think of the line

"...and there's some good tail over by the ballfield"

and I can't deny the Leak.

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