Friday, September 30, 2005

It's Proverbially On

Tonight, especially when it went to 4-1 Toronto, I decided we didn't need to win that game. Since the O's looked like zombies, I figured that we'd be either 1 or 2 back going into the final series. Either way, we'd have to sweep to assure winning the division without a playoff. The one thing I did think of was that if we got a win in classic walk-off Ortiz-style fashion, we'd have that slight leeway where we can lose one and still get the bonus playoff game opportunity, AND we'd have mega-momentum.

And David gave us exactly that. Big AND Little Papi came through large-time. Love seeing that frenzied Fenway crowd. It made me forget all about Tejada absolutely dogging it down the first base line multiple times. And Bedard pitching with this look on his face like his dog just died. It was really pathetic. I can't believe they actually got back in the game, and forced the yanks to use Gordon. Torre was so pissed at Sturtze, Jeter gave him a massage on the mound. I'm not joking.

So now it all comes down to this. Friday, Wang against Wells. I feel confident. Saturday, Pat & I will be in the bleachers, for our final 10-Game Plan game. Wake against Unit. Should be a great time. Then, Sunday, well, you know.

I am psyched.

I think the magic number is somewhere around....

//Jeter gave him a massage on the mound.//

that was so ridiculous. If you didn't see that, people, you really missed out. It's those types of things that occasionally make it worthwhile to have YES.
Tell me it was a full-on, two hands, choppy-motion, elbow in the shoulderblade type thing. I doubt it, but tell me anyway.
It's not Wang and's Wang, Wells, and WAR. And yes, it's good for something. But only in sports. Wish we could all watch together, but in a way, we are. And that's nice.
I was at the game last night and they showed the homeplate celebration on the scoreboard. It was amazing. Manny was dancing, I thought Millar was going to cry. It was almost as crazy in Fenway as it was the night (when I was also there) in 2003 when they clinched the Wild Card. This momentum will definitely carry them. I have faith!

I too will be in the bleachers tomorrow. God help us all. :-)
I think the massage was reiki. Or shiatzu. Or shiitake. Either way, Jeter and Torre both eat shit-cakes.

Cyn, will look for you. I'll be way over by the grandstand.

P10, yes, we will all be together in spirit. But I was highly offended with your use of the word "war," in the midst of our nation's war on drugs. heh heh
On my blog, I've posted the three reasons I think the Sox will sweep this series against the Yanks. The main reason is SeƱor Octubre, of course - what a show he put on last night.

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