Saturday, September 10, 2005


I did a post about tonight's game, but I had to erase it, because it somehow put my entire blog into a state of italics. But you didn't miss much. Just three lines of me being pissed off. Congratulations if you were one of the few who saw the mystery post. It's kind of like when Chan and I saw a taping of Letterman on New Year's Eve, and it never aired.

Tomorrow we'll get those poo-poo heads back.

Surely it is better this way. The yanks are so pleased with themselves for battling through that game for a win. Yank fans everywhere are admiring the tiny glimmer of hope. This will make them all the more disappointed by Monday evening.
sunday evening, I meant. Hey, why are my comments showing up in italics?
Not only did I see the mystery post, but for some reason it was replicated like 5 times. So I saw five of it.
Yeah, Steinbrenner's really fuckin' with me tonight. It was there five times. After I deleted four, everything was in italics. On the whole blog. Right down to Reb's comments, I guess.

I agree, always good when yankee fans THINK everything's okay, and it all self-destructs, Chief Quimby style.
Is someone here Italician? Also the Yankees didn't have to work to win the game. The Sox did their best to bow down and be polite while losing. This bad taste in my mouth will vanish at about 2:40 this afternoon. I had my lucky hat covered by a Yankee Hater hat on the shelf, and that is always a recipe for disaster. All the blame goes directly to ME (italics implied).
P.S. Did they say if George is up in the Bronx, or down in Tampa. I saw no head shots of him on the telly. peter*

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